How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring!

For our next installment of “Intern Blogs” we are delighted to introduce you to Gemma, who has been with us since September 2015. Over to you Gemma, to tell us more about an area of weddings that you love (and we do to!) – Diamonds ……

Gemma’s Blog
My name is “Gemma”, which is derived from the Italian meaning ‘precious stone.’ And whilst unfortunately, to my knowledge, I do not have any Italian ancestry, I do, however believe that this inspired my love for gems. I like to think my parents chose my name as they see me as precious to them, but the fact that they named their second child, Joshua, which means ‘saviour,’ casts a shadow of doubt.

image1 (1)

Stunning diamond cluster ring (left) and diamond heart-shaped single stone ring (right). Pictures courtesy of FEU Diamonds

So, for this blog I decided to investigate one of my favourite things – DIAMONDS – and their influence on the wedding market.

‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ is a well known quote by Marilyn Monroe and it appears the bridal community have embraced this sentiment with open arms. Despite the increasing popularity of other precious stones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires, diamonds still remain the ultimate favourite for engagement and wedding rings.


Photo courtesy of Kate Nielen taken at a Stylish Events Wedding.

A diamond is pure crystallised carbon brought to the surface, encased in solidified magma, during a volcanic eruption. Amazingly, a diamond can only be cut by another diamond as it’s the hardest substance known to man. They are mined across the world and particularly prevalent in Australia, Russia and South Africa.


Three popular engagement ring styles (left to right) – diamond single stone ring; modern 3-stone diamond ring; marquise diamond ring. Picture courtesy of FEU Diamonds

With Diamonds representing strength, endurance and beauty it’s hardly surprisingly that in 1939 De Beers, a diamond company, decided to harness this idea and market the diamond as the ultimate symbol of unbreakable love. Using the clever slogan of ‘Diamonds are Forever’, the diamond industry was on the up! By the mid 1940’s sales had increased by half and the diamond was the most common style of engagement ring. Still to this day the diamond is the most popular choice and even now, in 2015, De Beers promotes it’s products using the phrase ‘A Diamond is forever.’


Picture courtesy of


Vintage style with surrounding diamonds on the head and shank. Pictures courtesy of FEU Diamonds

A diamond’s worth is determined by a number of factors, however together we can navigate our way through the jewellery jargon by focusing on the following four caterogies, affectionately known as the 4C’s: Colour; Clarity; Cut; Carat Weight.

The colour of a diamond can be anything from colourless to brown and it is the responsibility of the Gemological Institute of America, GIA, to compare each diamond against a master set in order to determine the grading. They are graded from D (colourless) down to Z (dark brown). The higher the grading, the better the colour, and more often than not, the greater the worth.


Picture courtesy of

The GIA also grades the clarity of the diamond based on the number and location of the internal flaws (inclusions) and surface characteristics (blemishes). These features are only taken into consideration if they are visible under 10x magnification. There are eleven grades of clarity ranging from Flawless to I3. The higher the grade (i.e. the closer it is to flawless, generally the greater the worth of the diamond.


Picture courtesy of

Defining the cut of a diamond is somewhat difficult as it considers the overall appearance and quality of the diamond. The GIA grades the round brilliant diamonds from Excellent to Poor by assessing many features including brightness, symmetry, and polish. (Note, the cut of a diamond is not the same as it’s shape). The round brilliant diamond is not the only shape of diamond; there are a number of other exciting shapes too! The radiant, pear and marquise are also typically used in rings – some people even have a heart shaped one!


Common shapes of diamonds. Picture courtesy of

Carat Weight
Carat weight is the standard unit of measurement for diamonds. It is measured in the GIA laboratory and rounded to the nearest hundredth of a carat. As a rule of thumb, one carat is the equivalent of 0.2 grams and again the greater the number of carats the higher the price of the diamond.

The 4C’s define the quality of the diamond and influence it’s worth. Nevertheless, De Beers is correct in the sense that a diamond IS forever. So where do we go from here?


Photo courtesy of Kate Nielen taken at a           Stylish Events Wedding.

The world of rings, diamonds, jewellery and quite frankly weddings themselves is a minefield! Please don’t be put off by the vast amount of choice; you would think that the more options you have the easier the choice – but that’s really not the case. It’s ok to find the experience daunting, but it’s not ok to choose a ring because your friends like it, because your future mother-in-law says so, or because you can’t decide so you just picked any old one.


Picture courtesy of

A ring is yours to keep for eternity; a symbol of your love and commitment to your partner. If your partner chooses it, and it’s perfect, then good for you! However, many couples go shopping together whilst some women leave carefully placed magazines around the house or accidentally leave a ring on the computer screen!

Shop around; have fun; make a day of it! Whatever takes your fancy. You don’t need to buy the first one you try on – take your time and try a few. Cliched as it sounds – everyone is different. If every single bride, liked the same kind of ring, the world would be a very sad and a lot less sparkly place.

I like the vintage style rings, whilst my best friend likes the heart-shaped diamonds and my cousin is drawn to the 3 stone ones. All three of us like different styles, but that’s what makes us different. So, use your ring to celebrate you personality and choose a ring that suits you. Your ring is yours to keep; pick one that makes you happy. If you look down at your hand and smile when you see it, then you know you’re on to a winner.

Fingers crossed that my future husband will read this blog and make detailed notes! Vintage please, no pressure and good luck!

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Picture from courtesy of Instagram/ jillygolightly

Aso Ebi – The Colourful Custom of Nigerian Weddings

The next few issues on our blog will be from our current Stylish Events Interns, Robert and Gemma. We set them the task of writing a blog on an area of the wedding industry that interests them and that they would like to share with our followers.

First up is a blog from Robert, who has been with us since August 2015. Robert decided to investigate the Nigerian wedding tradition – Aso Ebi. Some of you may know that our Director, Dominique, grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, so she was delighted to be able to celebrate an African wedding tradition on our blog. Over to you Robert…..

Robert’s Blog
I can’t count the number of times my friends have told me that I’m going to end up marrying a Nigerian girl. I’m a British-born Ghanaian and, having lived in London all my life, I’ve grown up and made friends with many Nigerians over the years so getting married to one wouldn’t be the strangest thing ever. I actually wouldn’t mind getting married to a Nigerian, especially since I’d get to see and experience one of my favourite wedding customs – Aso Ebi.

Blue and White

Photo courtesy of

Aso Ebi is an outfit made from matching coloured and patterned fabric that all members of a party wear at a wedding although it can also be worn at party, funerals and other social events. For ladies, Aso Ebi consists of a gele (a head wrap), a kaftan and a wrapper whilst men’s outfits consist of a fila (a cap), a kaftan and trousers. Some of the most common material used are ankara (a patterned cotton material) or lace.

Tracing its origins back to Nigeria’s Yoruba tribe, Aso Ebi was originally worn only by the family of the bride and groom as a way to easily identify the relatives of the celebrants. As time went on, Aso Ebi was no longer restricted to family members but soon extended to close friends of the bride and groom although the colour would be different. For example, the Aso Ebi worn by the bride’s family might be blue and white, while the groom’s family wears green and purple, the bride’s close friends might wear yellow and red and the groom’s close friends wear blue and orange. The colour combinations are infinite!


Pictures courtesy of

Unlike in the West, where suits and dresses are bought ready-made from shops, each Aso Ebi outfit is custom made for the wearer. The bride chooses the colours and fabric to be used for the Aso Ebi and then purchases several yards of the material. She then resells lengths of this material to her guests with a small profit on top which goes towards costs of the wedding and/or ‘thank you’ presents for those who buy the material. For more prominent family members and guests, or if the family is affluent enough, material is given as a gift for free. Then it’s off to your tailor to get your outfit made!

dark blue

Picture courtesy of

What I love most about Aso Ebi is its fusion of oneness and individualism. By wearing Aso Ebi, you visually show your support and encouragement to the bride and groom. By having each outfit tailor-made, it allows each person to impart their own individual flair and style into their outfit.

Collage 3

Pictures courtesy of, RHphotoarts and

Clothing worn to African weddings have always been and will always be vibrant display of colour. And even in the sea of colours you’ll come across you can be sure that Aso Ebi outfits will always a wave of awe surging through you no matter how many different ones you see.

My internship at Stylish Events will, sadly, finish in December. This means I will begin my journey to become a fully fledged wedding planner. I certainly hope I will get the opportunity to plan lots of Nigerian weddings.

Aso Ebi

Picture courtesy of

Luxury Wedding Venue in Thailand

As some of you may know, our Director, Dominique, is obsessed with beautiful wedding venues and we often talk about the stunning venues we are lucky enough to visit on our blog. Normally the venues are in the UK or Italy, but today we have a bit of a change – Thailand, specifically the tropical island of Koh Samui and the luxury Upni Duniya resort.

Dominique was fortunate to meet the lovely Jill, Managing Director of Exclusive Resort Marketing, at a Destination Wedding Show last October. Jill represents a number of exquisite venues around the world and was instrumental with one of our recent destination site visits.

So, we were delighted to hear about another of the exclusive venues she represents and wanted to share with you details of Upni Duniya. If you’ve been dreaming of a luxury wedding in a far off land, this could be your venue!


Upni Duniya, Koh Samui, Thailand

Located on the island of Koh Samui, Villa Upni Duniya is the perfect location to host private gatherings such weddings, milestone birthday parties, family events and other special holidays.

With only 9 stunning suites, you will have exclusive use of this exquisite, 5 star beach front villa, so you and your guests will feel like you are alone in paradise.

The Master Suite is so beautiful and would be perfect for a bride and groom’s first night together. The view from the room is one of the most beautiful we have ever seen.

Master Suite 1

Master Suite

The Villa offers the exceptional service of 14 resident staff including 2 international chefs and a villa manager. In traditional Thai style nothing is too much trouble. A gorgeous infinity pool, gym and Thai cooking classes are just some of the superb services at Upni Duniya.

If you are planning a small wedding, with only a few select family and friends, then everyone will be able to stay at Upni Duniya, however, it would also be possible to plan a larger wedding and have your other guests stay at one of the nearby hotels on the island.

We asked the General Manager, Mrs Na Aupatcha to explain more on how weddings are arranged at Upni Duniya.

“On the day of the celebration up to 120 people can comfortably be catered for.  For parties of over 60 we recommend using a special marquee which opens out onto the beach. The Villa’s pavilion is also a romantic venue for a wedding ceremony of up to 40 people; with wall to ceiling views out onto the gulf of Thailand.

For hosting weddings we use the services of a professional wedding company on the island, Bliss Events, who offer a range of tailor made packages.”

“To meet our guests religious and cultural needs, our teams are experts in providing both Western and Buddhist style ceremonies with English speaking celebrants and Buddhist Monks.

Outdoor Terrace poolside Lounge

Outdoor Terrace Poolside Lounge

“Furthermore in order to comply with the legal logistics of marrying in Thailand our wedding planners can help complete the essential and official processes and provide a legal marriage for foreigners in Thailand.”

The venue is delighted to assist guests for all types of  special occasions and can provide couples with a live band, a sound system and DJ to help them dance the night away.  Not to mention traditional Thai dancers, a firework show and Thai lanterns.

Over the years the venue has developed excellent contacts with events and activity organisers on the island, and an expertise with catering for special requests, such as themed parties.

The minimum suite rental is seasonal and varies between 4 nights/4 suites during the low season and 10 nights / 9 suites during Christmas and the New Year festivities.  There is some room for concessions with the minimum length of stay and minimum suite rental for repeat customers and other special circumstances.

The staff are also happy to recommend and arrange a number activities on the island and nearby islands including; yachting, para-sailing, paddle boating as well as boat trips to national marine parks where scuba diving and snorkeling are offered.  There is also a world class golf course nearby.

Sailing together

Spa Treatment

Of course, the venue is so gorgeous that you may prefer to walk along the white, sandy beaches, have a romantic evening dinner in the Villa or on the beach, or just enjoy a drink by the poolside and stare at the some of the most stunning views on earth. And who could blame you!

If you would like to receive more information about Upni Duniya please just email Jill Mockridge on or 07957 275 533.

D̂wy khwām prārt̄hnā dī (best wishes in Thai)! from the Stylish Events team.


Perfect venues for an Italian destination wedding

Dominique and I are just back from our incredible Italian Study Tour, during which we visited three amazing venues, each one different from the other and all gorgeous for a destination wedding. We will be doing a more detailed blog on each of the venues we visited, but we wanted to give you a quick look at the splendour of what we saw, tasted and experienced.

We had the pleasure of sharing this unforgettable adventure with two other members of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, Steven Pellier of Steven Pellier Weddings and Louise Perry of Louise Perry Weddings; a wedding blogger, Jessica Barrie from Deluxe Wedding Blog; and a great wedding and fine art photographer, Kate Nielen, who took all the venue photos you see below.

Here are a couple of selfies of the team:


We spent the first two days at Villa Balke and Hotel Marad, on the Gulf of Naples overlooking the Isle of Capri, with Mount Vesuvius in the background. Villa Balke is bright and modern with a seaside feel. It has so many possibilities for an amazing wedding, including a fantastic pool party area.  It’s also very close to a variety of tourist destinations, so perfect for a three or four day visit to this region of Italy.

villa balke blog1

Villa Balke


Our next destination was the Tuscan countryside just outside Florence. We visited the stunning Villa Mangiacane, enjoyed the locally produced wine and the inventive cuisine of the resident chef. This romantic, elegant venue left us all speechless on more than one occasion!

villa mangiacane blog1

VIlla Mangiacane


Last but certainly not least, we visited Il Borro. Situated a little further into the Tuscan countryside around the town of Arezzo but just one hour from Florence, this magnificent estate is owned by the Ferragamo family. It has so many different options for your ceremony and reception, each more stunning then the next – and even its own church. Amazing!

ilborro blog1

Il Borro


All photographs from Kate Nielen Photography

The hospitality we received at each venue was outstanding and we wish to thank our host venues for their warmth and friendship. We can’t wait to return very soon.

More to come on each of the venues and our experience in Italy!


Anna and Dominique

A Week in the Life of an Intern at Stylish Events

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an Intern at one of the top wedding planning companies in the country? Read no further! A brief introduction, I’m Rebecca Robertson and in May 2014 I booked my place on Dominique’s ever popular ‘Life of a Wedding Planner’ course. I fell in love with the industry and company and I was lucky to have been chosen as her January 2015 intern. I have been with Stylish Events a little over two months now and thought I would give you an exclusive sneak peak into my world for a week in the life of an intern!

We start our day in the office, which may I add is the lovely setting of Canary Wharf, and as usual I’m greeted at the door by Dominique’s gorgeous golden retriever, Barkley. A busy day ahead is planned so we catch up on emails and discuss the week’s diary.

Barkley - always there to greet me in the morning!

Barkley – always there to greet me in the morning!

Our first appointment of the day is at Hotel Café Royal in Piccadilly Circus; Flavia, who also attended Dominique’s course in 2014, has recently been appointed as Sales and Events Coordinator and invited us along to have a look at the newly renovated venue and meet her Meetings and Events Manager, Aysa.

We were shown around this beautiful venue, which is rich in history and a pleasant sanctuary away from busy Regent Street. My personal favourite room is the Oscar Wilde Bar, which has sumptuous, gold décor and a wonderful ambience; the pianist playing really set the tone. The Hotel Cafe Royal is an elegant wedding venue, set in the heart of London. Thank you Flavia and Aysa for showing us around. We are very much looking forward to going back soon for one of your limited edition Givenchy cocktails!

The Oscar Wilde Bar at the Hotel Cafe Royal

The Oscar Wilde Bar at the Hotel Cafe Royal

If there was ever a hidden gem it would be at our next appointment, set in one of London’s most exclusive areas. This is an exciting time for the venue as they are allowing weddings to take place there for the first time. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to disclose the details just yet. Please stay posted…I couldn’t reveal everything now could I!

Our next stop was at Blo Blow Dry Bar, right in the centre of Covent Garden and the first one of its kind in the country; an exclusive brand and company from America. They very kindly invited us to have our hair done, complimentary, so that we could experience their fantastic service. The lovely Irina, Franchise Partner, and the friendly ladies who were going to work their magic on our rather windswept hair greeted us. A hair menu was provided for us detailing 8 classic styles to choose from, which are guaranteed to get you fab in a flash included styles such as; Red Carpet and Hunt Club. After a gorgeous wash and treatment, I enjoyed a nice drink whilst choosing my design from the hair menu. I opted for a ‘Holly Would’, which I was told, is full of bounce and curls, London’s answer to Hollywood hair! Rosie did an amazing job and also advised me on a great product for my hair from their range. We all felt like a million dollars leaving the salon and there was a serious amount of hair flicking on the journey home! I cannot thank Irina and the team enough for a wonderful experience. So, ladies, if you want the ultimate girly experience ending in great hair visit Blo Blow Dry Bar!

Blo Blow Dry Bar in Covent Garden

Blo Blow Dry Bar in Covent Garden

To begin our day we headed off to a charming church in Chelsea, which will host the wedding of one of our clients this summer. Such a delightful location. Dominique explained to me how the wedding will work logistically at the church on the day.

A short walk away we had an appointment booked just off the Kings Road at San Domenico House with lovely Rachel Louis. This hotel will play host to our client’s guests for one of our summer weddings and they are most certainly in for a treat. When I say hotel what I mean is home away from home, a discreet, exquisite and secret home you can call your own. With only 17 guest rooms, San Domenico House offers a relaxed, private environment with a superior level of service. San Domenico’s Italian heritage plays a strong part in the decor, mixed with English traditions. Every single piece in the hotel is unique and tastefully hand picked to perfection, there is nothing else like it in London.

One of the stunning bedrooms at San Domenico House

One of the stunning suites at San Domenico House

As if I hadn’t seen enough beauty in one day, our final appointment was at The Orangery at Kensington Palace. This venue is so exclusive it only plays hosts to a select few events each year. We are fortunate to be planning a wedding here this summer, aren’t we lucky! This truly is a magical place full of history, with the Royal couple Kate and William residing in Kensington Palace opposite to The Orangery. We are super excited for the wedding and what a pleasure it is to be planning it at a venue like this.

The Orangery at Kensington Palace. Images courtesy of Lavender Green

The Orangery at Kensington Palace. Image courtesy of our florist for the wedding Lavender Green

Image courtesy of Lavender Green

Image courtesy of Lavender Green

To round off my week, Marina and I were invited to a bridal fashion show at the glamorous Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge. This was an exclusive event for Haute Couture Fashion week (bridal) and a chance for us to enjoy the exclusive show of bridal work of Daalarna and Erin Grey Couture. This was a great opportunity to mix and mingle with the top wedding professionals in the industry and network in a gorgeous social environment. I have to say that our glasses were never left empty and we were treated like royalty.

Images courtesy of the Mandarin Oriental London

Images courtesy of Daarlarna

Images courtesy of Erin Grey Couture

I wonder what is install for me next week…!

Best wishes, Rebecca

A Glorious Summer Wedding in Cambridge – Leila and Johnnie’s Wedding

January can be such a gloomy month. Christmas is over, the weather is colder and the nights are longer. So we thought this was the perfect time to reminisce about one of the favourite weddings of 2014.

What we loved most about this wedding, other than the fact that Leila and Johnnie were such a charming couple, is the fact that the two days were truly unique and personal to them. Personal touches are so important in making your wedding fun, different and special – and this wedding certainly had that and much, much more.

sunny wedding in Cambridge

All pictures courtesy of our wonderful photographer Kate Nielen

Our lovely clients, Leila and Johnnie, had a romantic, fun and very sunny wedding in Cambridge in June 2014. The wedding festivities actually took place over two days and involved six different venues.

Johnnie and Leila had always planned to do things a bit differently and were determined not to have a “cookie cutter” wedding. Early on in their plans they knew they wanted to hire a wedding planner and we were so thrilled to get the call from them. We assisted them to their perfect venues, book all their wedding suppliers and manage the two wedding days.

Their legal marriage ceremony took place on the Friday, at the Cambridge Registry Office, but not before a small group of 20 close friends and family joined them for an intimate meditation ceremony at the Hotel du Vin in Cambridge. Dinner that night was at The Back Street Bistro.

The second day of their wedding took place on the following day and involved four lovely venues in the historic City of Cambridge. It all started at the Cambridge Union Society.  The lovely Rebecca Waldron of White Rose Ceremonies presided over a bespoke and very personal Humanist blessing. During the blessing, Leila and Johnnie exchanged their own handwritten vows and guests got involved with a sing-a-long to “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Andy Williams.

Humanist blessing

Leila looked beautiful in her gorgeous dress which she got at David’s Bridal at Westfields in Stratford. The Bridal Bouquet was made from sunflowers, which was an ongoing theme for the day, having been featured on their Wedding Invitations, Order of Service, Naked Wedding Cake and Table Centrepieces. Leila and her bridal party had their hair done at Hairy Canary in Cambridge.


wedding make-up


After the blessing, guests joined Leila and Johnnie for ice cream and drinks in the sunny courtyard of the Cambridge Union Society.

Collages14 After about an hour, it was time for stage two of their special day, when guests were handed white and yellow balloons before being lead through the streets of Cambridge by the Bride and Groom down to the River Cam for a private punting tour by Cambridge Chauffeur Punts. Their journey would take them on to the Reception venue, Trinity College, Cambridge.



The sun shone whilst 120 wedding guests enjoyed fresh strawberries and a glass of champagne whilst sitting back and relaxing on a traditional chauffeured punt up the river Cam. The British weather really could not have been better. Leila and Johnnie had their own punt, as they should, and were able to enjoy some time together before rejoining the rest of their guests.


Johnnie studied at Trinity College, and as a past student he qualified to have his wedding reception there. When they were searching for their perfect wedding venue location, they looked at many beautiful and traditional venues. But the moment they walked into the grounds of Trinity and saw magnificent Hall, they knew that no where else would do. They fell in love with it immediately.

As guests were assisted off their punts they were welcomed by the staff at Trinity and escorted to the Cloisters for a drinks reception, with delicious canapés and yes, more champagne!


There are so many stunning backdrops and settings at Trinity College, that their photographer, Kate Neilen, was spoilt for choice.  The official photographs of this lovely couple, their family and guests, took place by the lush lawns, which are very sacred at Trinity. Kate had special permission to walk on the grass – a very rare privilege. Guests were asked to remain on the paths.


The sumptuous wedding breakfast was served in Hall at Trinity and dinner was prepared by their amazing in-house chefs. The flowers for the banqueting tables were provided by Donna at Country Garden Florists consisting of sunflowers, gerberas and mini daisies. Each arrangement was designed by Leila and put together by the Stylish Events team on the day.

Collages20Following dinner, guests were asked to follow Leila and Johnnie to the final wedding venue of the day. The atmosphere was to change once again, this time to an amazing evening party. So, balloons in hand, guests were walked to The Hidden Rooms, where a VIP area had been roped off for them.

Leila and J2

Leila and Johnnie arranged for their “naked” wedding cake, complete with sunflowers and Batman and Catwoman caricatures, to be set up on the dance floor.  They cut the cake with real swords which were a gift to Leila. Everyone then danced the night away until the wee small hours.

The perfect ending to a perfect day.

 Our Wonderful Suppliers

Wedding Planners: Stylish Events – Dominique, Becca, Marina, Agathe, Sonam and Julie
Photographer:  Kate Nielen
Flowers: Donna, Country Garden Florists 
Cake: Emma Bavin, Cambridge Cake Boutique 
Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal Westfield Stratford
Ice Cream Tricycle: Andy’s Ice Cream
Punting: Cambridge Chauffeur Punts 
Celebrant: Rebecca Waldron 
Blessing venue: Cambridge Union Society 
Drinks Reception and Wedding Breakfast Venue: Trinity College Cambridge 
Evening Party venue: The Hidden Rooms


The Italian Destination Wedding Show presents: Stowers Bespoke, Men Attire

Hi Everyone

We are so excited that The Italian Destination Wedding Show will open its doors tomorrow at 11:00 am at the Sofitel St. James!!!!

There are only a handful of tickets left, so if you haven’t registered yet, click here! There might also be the chance for some more tickets sold at the door tomorrow.

This is the last of our series of blog posts about the amazing suppliers exhibiting at our show!

We are deligthed to have Stowers Bespoke joining us. They are genuine bespoke tailors and based in the world renowned Savile Row, London.

Stowers Bespoke service and the range of hand made products they offer is unique. Their expertise allows them manage, style, design and produce by hand, everything required for a client’s personal wardrobe, lifestyle and work. This includes, leather, fashion or classically styled product. Every piece of Stowers Bespoke clothing is truly unique and tailored with passion, commitment and conscience, much more than just a transaction.


Stowers Bespoke firmly believe in building a personal and long lasting relationship with their customers and in maintaining an enviable reputation for producing the highest quality bespoke clothing and accessories. Stowers Bespoke have an exceptional, friendly, flexible and first class service.


Their clientele includes World Leaders, VIP’s, Celebrities and Royalty from across the world. Stowers Bespoke VIP service is unlimited, traveling to meet clients on request.

So, guys, come and suit up!

See you tomorrow at The Italian Destination Wedding Show, we cannot wait!


The Stylish Events and Will Be Wedding & Events team.

The Italian Destination Wedding Show presents: HILTON GIARDINI NAXOS, Wedding Venue

Hello everyone

There is little time left before our amazing show on Sunday. The teams of Stylish Events and Will Be Wedding & Events cannot wait to meet you and discuss all the details of your dream destination wedding in Italy!! if you haven’t already got your ticket, now is the time!

Click here to register!

This blog post is dedicated to another of our amazing venues, from the beautiful island of Sicily, the Hilton Giardini Naxos.

Located on the coast of the Ionian Sea on a white sandy beach and overlooking the blue crystalline water, the Hilton Giardini Naxos offers amazing views thanks to its unique location near the town of Taormina and Mount Etna.


Experience Sicilian elegance, warm hospitality, stunning views and modern amenities at Hilton Giardini Naxos. The extended event space of Hilton Giardini Naxos does not only include a variety of indoor rooms. In fact, you could also use the Mediterranean garden and private beach, with the Mount Etna as your backdrop!

Banquet Tables


For your wedding reception, you can choose between the Panarea Restaurant or the elegant surroundings of La Sciara Gourmet Restaurant and Wine Bar, where you can find dishes of the traditional Sicilian cuisine. You could also have a drink reception on the romantic terrace lounge, while admiring the beautiful views of the sunset.


Whether you want to relax with your bridesmaids the day before the wedding or enjoy a quiet day with your husband to be, why not head to the Hilton Spa and Wellness center, which combines the scents of the Sicilian Sea with the delicate mood of a tropical garden, for a soothing treatment? Or, you could simply sunbathe on the beach or on the side of the outdoor and indoor swimming pools.

Our Spa


 All pictures courtesy of Hilton Giardini Naxos.

There is plenty to do during the stay at the Hilton Giardini Naxos. The hotel’s internal event Team Members and experienced partners will assist in organising tailor-made events. You could entertain your guests with a Quad and biking excursions to Mount Etna, a treasure hunts in Taormina, river canoeing, and event helicopter scenic flights!

We cannot wait to introduce you to the team at Hilton Giardini Naxos and all other amazing venues and exhibitors this Sunday at The Italian Destination Wedding Show!


The Stylish Events and Will Be Wedding & Events team.

Don’t forget to register here to get your tickets!

The Italian Destination Wedding Show presents the amazing Tenuta Monacelle and Masseria San Nicola, Wedding Venues

Hello everyone!

The Italian Destination Wedding Show is just around the corner and we cannot wait for you to meet us and all our wonderful exhibitors!

We continue our series of blogs today by presenting to you Tenuta Monacelle and Masseria San Nicola, two ancient mansions amongst the most beautiful in Puglia. Tenuta Monacelle is located in a peaceful, rural area on the outskirts of Selva di Fasano. A set of cone-roofed “Trullo” houses and tufa-stone “Masseria” villas, surrounded by pines, gardens and orchards, situated on a hilly ridge 400 metres above sea level.

Originally a convent dated 1790, the old burg consists of a cluster of 28 trulli, where the Benedictine nuns used to perform their daily rural routine. The old kitchen of the monastery and the stable have been converted in one of the most characteristic restaurants in the area.




image029 image030

Not far from the trulli village, six white buildings called Masseria (Italian for “country house”) were built on the ruins of old houses. Each masseria has a number of modern bedrooms equipped with air conditioning and central heating, mini-bar, LCD TV set, direct telephone, hair – drier, safe and satellite channels.

In this fairy-tale location, Tenuta Monacelle holds “Il Ciliegeto”, the restaurant where refined and typical Apulian dishes are prepared by a professional and friendly staff. In the summertime, our guests can have dinner on the breath-taking terrace overlooking the cherry garden or lunch by the swimming pool.


Tenuta Monacelle could be the ideal place for a rural retreat, surrounded by some of the most interesting places in central Apulia, such as the world’s trulli capital of Alberobello, the “wine” area of Locorotondo, Monopoli with its wonderful baroque architecture, Ostuni, also called “the white city”, the coastal strip by the Adriatic Sea and the caves of Castellana Grotte.

The oldest area of Tenuta Monacelle consists of 28 “Trullo” buildings built in 1790 as a monastery for the Benedictine nuns coming from the Convent of Saint Joseph, sited in Monopoli.

While the word “Tenuta” simply means “Mansion”, the term “Monacelle” is more difficult to define as there are two different interpretations. The trulli village is situated on a hilltop, over 400 metres above sea level, a land inhabited by snails, which in local dialect are called “Monacelle”. However, there is another more significant explanation: “Monache” is the Italian for “Nuns” and “Monacelle” was the way the residing nuns where called by local people to diminish them.


Everything in the old burg reminds us of its long past. We can still see the places where the nuns used to carry out their daily rural activities, including the fireplace where bread and other local products were made to cater local farmers. We can also recognise the building that used to be a church; it is a “Cummersa”, a building with a sloping roof instead of the cone-shaped roof typical of a trullo.


While we visit the restaurant, Il Ciliegeto, we can admire the real kitchen of the old monastery, with a chimney, located next to the cow and sheep stable where the manger is still kept. The chicken coop was located on the top floor, safe from predators; the staircase that linked the chicken coop to the ground floor is still here today.

Time has passed and a number of changes have been made in the old burg. Nevertheless, we can still feel the charm of that remote 1790.

The Masseria San Nicola was originally built by the Prince of Carbonelli in the 17th century.  In the 19th century the Masseria was bought by Camicia family as a summer retreat. The Masseria was originally known as Masseria delle Seti, and was named Masseria San Nicola at a later stage, in honor of the patron saint of Bari.


The Masseria San Nicola boasts a wonderful garden, in line with the style of the typical 19th century gardens of Puglia villas and palaces. The garden is enclosed by walls and has several walking paths, which wind between bougainvillea plants, orange and lemon trees, roses and aromatic plants, surrounded by Mediterranean scents and colors.

Masseria San Nicola is located in Savelletri, a small seaside town located between Bari and Brindisi.

Surrounded by centuries-old olive trees and crystalline sea, the Masseria is formed by an ancient main building with its own wonderful garden and luxurious private pool, and by four small Masseria, all overlooking a second swimming pool.


All photos courtesy of Tenuta Monacelle and Masseria San Nicola.

Being a small charming village of its own, the Masseria offers you a peaceful and intimate atmosphere. The union of those buildings, gardens and swimming pools gives the guest the sensation of being in a charming small village The main banquet hall is located in a cave which was originally used as a shelter for dairy cows. Masseria San Nicola is the perfect location for events and ceremonies, which will be unique thanks to the stunning beauty of this magical place.

We are sure you will love this venue just as much as we do!

We are looking forward to meeting you at The Italian Destination Wedding Show this Sunday, 26th October, to help you plan the most amazing wedding you have always dreamt of.

To register and book your ticker, please click here.


The Stylish events and Will Be Wedding and Event team.


What’s happening at The Italian Destination Wedding Show?

With less than a week to go till our amazing show, we thought it was time to give you a full run down about what’s going on at The Italian Destination Wedding Show this Sunday, 26th October 2014.

Our event is being held at the 5 star Sofitel in St James.  Doors open at 11.00 am and close at 4.00 pm. You are welcome to arrive anytime after 11.00 am and stay for as long as you wish.

It has been a joy to jointly organise this event with the lovely Italian wedding planner Francesca Negro of Will Be Wedding & Events.

This is London‘s only wedding show dedicated to Italy as a wedding destination.

We hope you will join us to celebrate this wonderful country and all that is has to offer UK couples on their wedding day.

In addition to meeting our wonderful exhibitors, the £5.00 entry fee includes a complimentary glass of Prosecco on arrival, canapés and a luxury goody bag – we have some fantastic gifts and discounts available for you.

We only have a small number of tickets remaining, so if you’re thinking about Italy for your dream wedding, or just love all things Italian, please visit The Italian Destination Wedding Show to regisiter and get your ticket.

We are thrilled to let you know that everyone who attends on the day will be entered into a draw to win some amazing prizes. The draw will take place at 3.00 pm, so please ensure you arrive before then to be eligible.

Our amazing prizes are:

*See below for terms and conditions

So, what’s going on at the show? Take a look.

Our Exhibitors

We are so delighted with the quality of the exhibitors who are joining us for this event. There will still be one or two more announcements this week, but we’re so pleased to let you see the list of our amazing exhibitors.

First up, it’s the stunning venues. We have worked very hard to ensure we have venues from all over Italy, from the North, South, East, West, and even in the middle; there is a venue here to suit all tastes and wedding budgets.

  • Villa Balke in Torre del Greco near Naples with outstanding views
  • Il Borro, an exquisite estate in the heart of Tuscany, owned by the Ferragamo family
  • Tenuta Monacellenestled amongst the olive trees in the Itria Valley, Selva di Fasano, Puglia
  • Masseria San Nicola, located in Savelletri, a small seaside surrounded by centuries-old olive trees and crystalline sea
  • San Domenico Hotels will be presenting five stunning wedding and event venues in Puglia. including; Masseria San Domenico, Masseria Cimino and the world famous Borgo Egnazia.
IDWS - Fontanelle

Hotel Le Fontanelle

Villa Luppis 210x100.indd

Hotel Villa Luppis

VB 2

Villa Balke


Il Borro

TM 1

Tenuta Monacelle and Masseria San Nicola


Hilton Giardini Naxos

San Domenico Hotels Group

San Domenico Hotels

Castello Limotola

Castello di Limatola


Rocco Forte Verdura Resort

But it’s not just the venues you will meet;

  • There will be something for the guys too as we will be joined by Stowers Bespoke, with their impeccably tailored suits and accessories.
  • Italian shoe designer Loriblu will be showcasing their stunning wedding shoes, ahead of the London opening of their New Bond Street store next week.

    Loriblu 3


  • The amazing team from Marryoke will be on hand to chat to you  about capturing your wedding in either (or both) a cinematic film or a marryoke (wedding music video) – they are a must for any destination wedding! Marryokes has traveled extensively filming weddings and getting to know couples from New York, Ibiza, France, Las Vegas, Sri Lanka, and, of course, Italy – they love to travel.
  • Every wedding needs a cake and we have invited one of the very best and most sought after cakes designers in the UK. The wonderful Elizabeth Solaru of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium will be bringing her stunning cake designs to our event.

    ECE cake 2

    Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

  • It wouldn’t be an Italian event without wine, and we were so pleased when Cantina Coppola 1489 agreed to join us and bring along some stunning wines for you to taste. There will be a Sommelier on hand to talk you through all you need to know about Italian wine.
  • We were delighted when Fattoria Conca d’oro offered to be our sponsor for the glass of Prosecco you will be welcomed with as you arrive at show. You will be tasting the excellent Prosecco Valdobbiadene.
  • No wedding is complete without music and we have some lovely live music for you from our band, Just for You.
  • A wedding show would not be a wedding show without wedding planners, and the wedding planners at this event are actually your hosts, Francesca Negro of Will Be Wedding & Events and Dominique and the team from Stylish Events. We are looking forward to welcoming you on the day and chatting to you about your dreams for your amazing wedding in Italy.
IDWS - Sergio little girls

Will Be Wedding & Events

  • We hope you will visit our Inspiration Room to be inspired to add that extra bit of creativity to your wedding day:12.20 pm – Join Gemma Milly for her Calligraphy Workshop
    1.20 pm – Join Marina from Stylish Events for her Confetti by Design Workshop
    2.20 pm – Sharleen from First Fruit for her fruit decoration Workshop

Remember, our prize draw will take place at 3.00 pm, so please ensure you arrive before then to be eligible to win one of our amazing prizes.

This is a ticketed event, so you must get your ticket before the show.

Oh, and please don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook so that you can see the latest news on the event.


The team at Stylish Events and Will Be Wedding & Events

To book and register your ticket for The Italian Destination Wedding Show please click here.


* Flights not included. Other terms and conditions apply and will be available to view on the day of the event.