Make your own Confetti Cones, Confetti and Holders – it’s easier than you may have thought!

Stylish Events gets crafty at Brides The Show

The “Confetti moment” is often the most memorable and natural group photograph you will have from your wedding day. Why not make it even more special by making your own bespoke confetti cones, boxes and confetti?

Confetti moment

 Photographer: Adrian Neal, The Studio Without Walls

It was only about 4 years ago that I first heard the words “Confetti cone”. Of course, these were the days long before Pinterest and Instagram, so new ideas did take a bit longer to filter through!

These days, confetti cones are very popular, but be warned they can be expensive. We think you can save upwards of £120 by creating your own confetti, cones and holders. And actually it’s also a lot of fun and you can really get creative.

Over the last year we’ve handmade confetti cones for many of our clients’ weddings. It all started when one of our brides wanted something to match her wedding stationery exactly. Luckily, I had wonderful Marina working for me. She is a perfectionist and also incredibly creative. Marina designed and made 150 cones and the bespoke boxes for the wedding and I must say, they were perfect and the bride loved them.

Since then we’ve made many styles, shapes and designs and we really enjoy it.

confetti moment fun

 Photographer: Kate Nielen

confetti style

Photographer: Kate Nielen                             Photographer:  M&J Photography

So, when an email arrived from lovely Kelly Chandler, UK Alliance of Wedding Planners Ambassador – Special Projects & Lifetime Supreme Member, asking members for ideas for the Imaganation Room at Brides The Show, we happily put forward our idea for a Confetti By Design workshop.

We were so delighted to learn we had been accepted. I can’t believe it’s actually this Saturday! I hope you will join us in The Imagination Room at Brides The Show on Saturday 4th October at 3.20 pm to 4.00 pm.

The team from Stylish Events will demonstrate how to make a variety of pretty confetti cones, cone holders and hand-made confetti.

You will learn how to:

  • Design and make your own confetti cones – different styles, sizes and finishing techniques
  • Assemble your own bespoke stand to hold the confetti cones 
  •  Make hand-made confetti

We will be handing out a “Tips Sheet” which will help you to calculate how much confetti you will need for your guest numbers and where you can buy gorgeous embellishments, to make your confetti cones truly unique.

The workshops will be very interactive and hands-on and you will make and decorate at least two of your own cones to take home with you.


PhotographerSimon Carr

It’s really exciting for us to be going to Brides The Show and such an honour to be representing the UKAWP. I highly recommend being part of this great association. Sandy and Bernadette are so supportive and so many great opportunities can come your way. In fact, the more you get involved, the more you will get out of your membership.

So come on, awaken your inner “Martha Stewart” and join us for our Confetti by Design workshop at Brides The Show this Saturday. We hope to see you there.

jamaica confetti

Dominique and the team at Stylish Events

All photos are taken from Stylish Events weddings

The Italian Destination Wedding Show presents the stunning Italian wedding venue, Borgo Egnazia

Have you ever dreamt of having your wedding in a wonderful location, one where celebrities get married, one so beautiful it will take your breath away, with so many amazing options for your wedding reception, each more stunning than the next…?

Your dream is about to become a reality! Today’s blog post is about another of the stunning venues that you will meet at The Italian Destination Wedding Show. Let us introduce you to Borgo Egnazia, in Puglia, Italy. Sounds familiar? Justin Timberlake  and Jessica Biel were married here in 2012!

Photo courtesy of Hello Magazine

Borgo Egnazia is a 5 star breathtaking event and wedding location; its name is synonymous of luxury, elegance and style.

Located in the South of Italy, more specifically in Puglia, Borgo Egnazia is probably THE top destination wedding location in Europe this year!

It is surrounded by a beautiful landscape which inspired the striking architectural force and unique style of the venue itself. Borgo Egnazia will be the perfect backdrop to your events, parties, ceremonies and receptions. The wonderful thing is that, as there are so many possibilities of where to have your wedding reception within the property, Borgo Egnazia caters for a wide range of wedding budgets!

Every detail is taken care of to perfection and everything, from the raw ingredients at the restaurant to the products for the Spa treatments is strictly “Made in Italy”.

The team at Borgo Egnazia says: “The day of your wedding is the day a dream comes true, a day of indescribable and unforgettable emotions. You can’t leave any part of it up to chance: Borgo Egnazia will make your event truly unique”.




borgo the Church

Borgo-The Church


Villa Magnifica

Suite Egnazia

Suite Egnazia

Gastronomically, the Puglian region has plenty to offer, as Francesca, one of your hosts for the Italian Destination Wedding Show, can attest to as she has the distinction of being from Puglia.

Your wedding reception will feature a variety of tasty, genuine ingredients, sourced from the surrounding farmland and the freshest catch at the nearby port of Savelletri.

Mediterranean diet at its best!



You will be able to choose between several restaurants with different styles, from very elegant to more informal, within Borgo Egnazia. Before and after your event you will be able to relax and enjoy a wide selection of wines and liquor plus the stunning views from the three bars at Borgo Egnazia, two of which are located by the pool.

Restaurant 2 Camini

Restaurant Due Camini

Bar Il Portico

Bar Il Portico


Outdoor pool

There are plenty of things to do in the surroundings of Borgo Egnazia, so you and your guests can enjoy discovering the region. The central location makes it the perfect base to explore the historical sites of the region. You will be spoilt for choice between Neolithic archaeological sites, caves, stunning traditional hilltop villages, baroque architectural buildings and a spectacular sea side, all within easy reach.

Borgo Egnazia also offers a variety of fun activities to chose from to entertain your guests during your stay. Just think about it, you could be soaking in the sun by the swimming pool, getting a massage at the award winning Spa, playing tennis or winning a golf tournament at the USGA standard San Domenico Golf Club, just by the sea.

San Domenico Golf Court

San Domenico Golf Court



Indoor pool

Indoor pool

Or why not take a bike ride in the countryside or learn how to make orecchiette pasta during a cooking lesson? A skill to treasure and with which to impress at dinner parties back in the UK!

italian cooking lesson

All photos courtesy of Borgo Egnazia 

There is even a teen and kid’s club, so you will have a stress free wedding while the children are taken care of by very qualified staff members and teens are playing football or socialising with other teens from all over the world.

Our Director at Stylish Events, Dominique, was lucky enough to stay at Borgo Egnazia last year on a study trip with the UKAWP. The serenity, the décor and sheer luxury took her breath away. It was a venue she will never forget.

We are so excited for you to meet the delightful team at Borgo Egnazia at The Italian Destination Wedding Show. See you on Sunday 26th October!


The team at Stylish Events and Will Be Wedding and Events

To Register and Book your tickets to The Italian Destination Wedding Show please click here

Thinking about getting married in Caribbean? We highly recommend Sandals resorts, Part 2

Hi Guys, thanks for coming back for Part 2 of my luxury Caribbean experience with Sandals®.

I am very proud to say that I am now a Sandals® Certified WeddingMoons® specialist, having completed the Sandals® course with flying colours in July 2014. A special thanks to Marsha-Ann Brown, Director of Romance for SandalsResorts, BeachesResorts and WeddingMoons®, who guided me during my training.

Sandals weddingmoon spesialist


During the course we were trained on the various packages Sandal’s offer to their wedding couples, the booking process and all the documentation. I loved hearing about the latest trends in destination weddings and honeymoons in the Caribbean.

Did you know, for instance, that the trend colour of the year is Radiant Orchid? This is a shade of purple with fuchsia and pink undertones, and it was announced that the 2014 Colour of the Year by Pantone, the leading authority on the hues used in paint, fabrics and manufacturing.

Now those of you familiar with Stylish Events will know that our company logo is an orhcid and, coincidentaly, it’s purple. So we are bang on trend for 2014!

stylish events in trend colour

Sandals® really want their couples to make the most of all the features WeddingMoons® has to offer. For instance, there are great benefits when booking a group wedding. If you book 5 rooms for just 3 nights, they offer one room Category upgrade for the Bride & Groom, Pedicure for the bride, and a 1 hour delightful reception with cold Hors d’ oeuvres, Sparkling Wine and Signature Cocktail for the Group. There are many more benefits available depending on the size of your group such as a massage for the Groom, a pre-wedding celebratory dinner, a 1 hour upgraded Classic reception and even a full wedding dinner, for further details, please click here. They even offer promotions such as a Free room, depending on your travel dates which means that bride and groom can often stay and marry for free!

In my personal opinion, the most exсiting offer is “Ultra Fantastic Weddingmoon Sailabration” Catamaran Cruise”. Can you imagine your guests on the Catamaran partying the night away? For all details and conditions, please click here.

IslandRoutes catamaran

Images Courtesy of Sandals®

We love Carribbean weddings at Stylish Events. Our Director, Dominique, has organised weddings there in the past. One of her favourites was lovely Alisha and Brian, who got married in Montego Bay, Jamaica in 2012.

Jamaican wedding

Alisha and Brian invited 70 family and friends from the UK to join them at their wedding. Working with Alisha for 18 months, we designed every aspect of the wedding together. Just about every design element of the wedding; from the styling, table decor and printed materials, was bought in the UK and transported to Jamaica – in Alisha and Dominique’s suitcases! It was a great honour to be involved in this very special wedding in a magical place for such delightful clients.

“We would like to thank Dominique and her team for organising such an amazing wedding in the Caribbean, we can’t praise you enough for all the work you have done. You are now a lifelong friend of both of us.”

Alisha and Brian, 2012

wedding in jamaica

confetti jamaican wedding

white 4 tier cake

wedding planer jamaican wedding

Dominique was lucky enough to be asked by Alisha and Brian to travel to Jamaica with them to oversee the wedding and ensure that it was exactly how they wanted it to be. For some couples it would be difficult to find the money in their budget to take their wedding planner with them to a destination wedding.

However, Sandals® can offer free accommodation for your wedding planner, which is amazing! This ensures that we can be there every step of the way to assist you with the finer details of your dream location wedding.

Of course, whether you have a wedding planner or not, Sandals® have their own in house wedding planners, who are always on hand to assist you with everything you need.

Sandals® resorts are made for couples in love and their resorts provide amazing places on their properties to tie the knot. Just look at the array of wedding Gazebos where you can choose to be married:


Sandals® Negril Beach Resort & Spa, Negril, Jamaica

 beach wedding

 Images Courtesy of Sandals®

gazebo beach wedding


фото 4 (9)

Sandals® Negril Beach Resort & Spa, Negril, Jamaica

I also loved hearing about the amazing Butler Service, which is available in Sandal’s very highest level suites. In particular, their Love Nest Suites. It costs a little bit more, but if your budget can stretch to it, I definitely recommend it, even for a few days after your wedding.



Images Courtesy of Sandals®

Butler service is unforgettable experience. At Sandals® resorts your very own butler will not only provide private check-in, offer to unpack your luggage, bring you snacks anywhere in the resort, arrange dinners and parties but will arrange more special and personal things for you.

I was told a real story about Sandal’s butler service: There was a guest who requested to have breakfast on their balcony each morning (usually delivered by room service). On the last day before their departure their butler located a ladder, climbed up to their balcony (on the third floor) and lay breakfast out. He then called the guests in the telephone and asked them to open their balcony door. They were speechless when they saw the butler on the balcony with breakfast elegantly arranged for them.

I had an amazing time in Jamaica, and I would like to say thank you once again to everyone who organised the trip

Special thanks to:

Marsha-Ann Brown, Director of Romance for SandalsResorts, BeachesResorts and WeddingMoons®, for an informative and energetic seminar.

Andre Wade, Director of Industry Relations at Unique Vacations Inc. and Jeffrey Burke, Sales Manager of Sandals Whitehouse, for entertaining and taking such great care of us.

And of course, I would like to send my love to Kerrie-Anne Ford, UK Weddings Supervisor and Certified WeddingMoon® Specialist, for making this trip happen and being such an amazing host!

Thanks to UKAWP for giving us this wonderful opportunity once again. Of course it’s one of the main benefits of being a member.

The Italian Destination Wedding Show presents Marcello Riccio of MR. Exquisite Italian Jewellery

We are so thrilled to introduce you to another of our wonderful exhibitors who you will meet at The Italian Destination Wedding Show on Sunday 26th October at The Sofitel.

Here comes a girl’s best friend!

Marcello Riccio of MR Gems & Jewellery will be showcasing his exquisite jewellery designs and giving personal consultations to our guests.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Roberto Riccio, with over 20 years experience between them, Marcello Riccio founded MR. The creativity and style of MR is heavily influenced by their Italian roots, inherited and refined over generations.


Marcello’s passion behind gemstones and jewellery was initiated by attending his first “business trip” with his father, Roberto, at 12 years old. Growing up around the jewellery industry, watching his father’s business grow and travelling to all parts of the world on various dealings, sealed the inevitable; opening his own jewellery business would be the path he would take. Roberto shared his deep interest and wealth of knowledge with his son, which Marcello utilised and developed to found MR in London.

hands creating a ring

Marcello is a 26 year old, stylish and charming Italian living in London. He studied at the Science and Technology of Goldsmith’s University in Milan before moving to London where he found himself realising that this is where he wanted to make his life and start his jewellery company.

diamond map world

MR Headquarters are based in the heart of London where Marcello personally designs every single piece for their collections and clients. MR’s laboratory is based in Bangkok where they utilise the skills of their experienced goldsmiths who have been creating jewellery for over 40 years. Bangkok is not only known as one of the main gemstone hubs in the world, but also for their skilled craftsmanship in all things handmade, like all MR jewellery is, and you can be assured that your jewels will be created with accuracy and finished to the highest standard. MR is dedicated to providing a high quality collection and service, worldwide.

Bubo Snowy Owl ring

Bubo Snowy Owl ring before and after stones are set

MR has a true passion for sourcing fine high quality gemstones. All their gems go through strict quality control in order to provide you with a certificate of authenticity, assurance in what you are buying. All purchases guarantee a Gemological Institute of America (GIA), or similar reputable laboratory, identified and graded status for all gemstones.

gemstones ringsWe are so honoured to share with you MR’s collections and bespoke services:

MR dedicated the DESERVE collection to celebrate those special moments in a couple’s life when they become engaged and get married.

The collection includes a wide range of beautiful engagement rings from classic diamond solitaire to unique elaborated designs, a multitude of Him & Her wedding bands sets, diamond and pearl earrings, necklaces, 3 piece jewellery sets for the bride and her bridesmaids on her special day.  For the groom and his best men on his big day, cufflinks and tie clips.

engagement rings

engagement rings

The LAUREN collection is MR’s high-end jewellery collection, created to evince the predominant beauty of fine coloured gemstones.


The SALVADOR Collection, is MR’s carved gemstone jewellery collection, created to show the impressive craftsmanship realising these statement pieces from rough stone, highlighting their shine and presence by using the on-trend pastel shades for Spring/Summer.


WEAR YOUR CONCEPT is the bespoke jewellery service by MR which enables you to create unique pieces.

MR will be with you each step of the way to realise your idea. From the initial drawing, to modifying or adding any particular details to your project on the 3D Model, until the finished product is ready to wear.

rring drawing


All photos courtesy of MR

You can also add a personalised touch by engraving your MR jewellery and make it uniquely yours. Enhance your gift for that someone special, such as engrave an important date, name or simple symbol to remind them of moments shared.

Marcello is looking forward to presenting his designs and chatting to brides about their personal jewellery design ideas at The Italian Destination Wedding Show.

We are so honoured to have Marcello exhibiting his amazing jewellery at our show.

Truly stylish, truly beautiful and truly Italian jewellery.

We can’t wait!


The Stylish Events and Will Be Wedding & Events team


The Italian Destination Wedding Show presents Sergio De Riccardis, wedding photographer

Hello everyone,

Our last blog concentrated on an amazing venue where you may choose to get married in Italy, today we wish to introduce you to one of our fantastic suppliers who you will have the opportunity of meeting at The Italian Destination Wedding Show on 26th October in London – Sergio De Riccardis, Photographer.

Sergio is an Italian wedding photographer with a very elegant style. He has been working closely with Francesca Negro, co-organiser of the show, on many of the wedding she has organised. Sergio is available to travel everywhere in Italy to capture your wedding day.






Sergio’s company, Zerosettanta, was created from the professional meeting of Sergio De Riccardis with Andrea Ciccarese. Sergio and Andrea reportage style photography is centered on the bride and groom, although they also make sure to capture friends and relatives to give you a memory of the joy and emotions throughout your wedding day.

Sergio was born in Galatina, a lovely small town in Salento, and loved photography from the age of 13, when he learnt to develop and print BN films in a family friend’s darkroom. That wonderful experience was the beginning of a long way into professional photography.

He studied at Modena’s University and moved to Milan where he was a professional interior design photographer working for furniture producers, architects and designers.

In 2005 he moved to Bologna where he was involved in a photography project in cooperative’s buildings. Following this he moved to Lecce in Puglia and began the switch from the industrial photography to reportage, exactly the contrary to most photographers.




His first wedding portfolio of a friend’s wedding was shown in a Wedding Art & Design show.

As a wedding photographer Sergio still has the same approach of the friend’s marriage and likes to give a “wide” vision of the day. He is not interested in artificial images “as in a fashion set “, he prefers his subject to appear natural and he doesn’t like to be a disturbing presence in the wedding day. He likes to use wide-angle lenses to show places and people at the same time, but never forgetting to pay attention to details.






After shooting he use lots of care in choosing files and make a fine post-production. He likes to give to his images the same attention as an industrial image, that is the only way to give to images  a “3d prospective “ and the first step for making a fine-art printing.

Sergio and Andrea provide fine-art images, printed in their own studio in Lecce on precious 100% cotton paper. The photographs are provided in bespoke packaging or as a wedding album created with old, hand-made bookbinding techniques.

PicMonkey Collage6

All images courtesy of Sergio De Riccardis, Zerosettanta.

“Zerosettanta, the refined and elegant Italian style wedding reportage. Hand-made printing accuracy and refined assemblage: our formula for the bride and groom is to create tailor-made, unique work”

Come and meet Sergio at The Italian Destination Wedding Show!!


The Stylish Events and Will Be Wedding & Events teams.


The Italian Destination Wedding Show presents Hotel Le Fontanelle, Tuscany, Italy

We are so excited to present to you the first of the amazing venues which you will meet at The Italian Destination Wedding Show on Sunday 26th October at The Sofitel St. James, London.

The Hotel Le Fontanelle is a stunning Tuscany Villa in one of the best and most striking areas of the Classical Chianti hills, with views to die for.

Whether you are here for a holiday, for a short break or to celebrate your wedding, Hotel Le Fontanelle are masters at making you feel welcome and ensuring you will have an unforgettable stay.


PicMonkey Collage1

PicMonkey Collage2


This 5 star luxury resort has been accurately and carefully restored from an ancient thirteenth-century property, maintaining intact the heritage of the building.

Hotel Le Fontanelle has 25 rooms, divided into 5 different styles, all decorated in an elegant and refined Tuscan style, with great attention to detail, design and comfort.

PicMonkey Collage3

Imagine your wedding reception taking place in the Hotel’s Restaurant La Colonna, or on the Terrazza Belvedere, a terrace with breathtaking views of the surrounding Chianti hills. The head chef, Daniele Canella, will surprise you with his artistic flair and modern and refined dishes, which have their roots in the Tuscan tradition. The Hotel’s Sommelier will help you to create the perfect bespoke wine list to complement your menu.




PicMonkey Collage4

And last but not least…the hotel also has the “Temple of Relax” Spa, with a stunning outdoor panoramic swimming pool with a corner bar, perfect for your “day after the wedding brunch”.


The hotel Spa also has an indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, hot tub, gym. Massages and treatments can be arranged, which sound perfect for a hen do!


 All images courtesy of Hotel Le Fontanelle

Hotel Le Fontanelle offers all of this and much more!

Discover this and other amazing wedding venues in Italy at The Italian Destination Wedding Show on 26th October at the Sofitel, St James, London.

Francesca from Will Be Wedding & Events in Italy and the Stylish Events team in London will be there to welcome you and introduce you to the Best of Italy.

Register here to book your place. You can also find out more on our Facebook page!

We look forward to meeting you on the 26th October!


The team at Stylish Events and Will Be Wedding & Events.


Real Wedding: An Elegant Summer Wedding at Stoke Park, Buckinghamshire

Hello everyone! It’s Marina – your Russian wedding planner back again. Thank you for visiting our blog.

Today I am delighted to share with you one of our real weddings this summer. Personally, I was so happy and excited to assist our clients, as they wanted to add some Russian touches to their wedding.

Anna and Michael designed an elegant and romantic summer wedding at the beautiful Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire. They found us as their wedding day was getting closer, and wanted our help to recommend suppliers, assist with the design and to ensure the whole day ran exactly how they wished it to be.

Working closely with this incredibly organised Russian bride and her German groom, we assisted them to design and plan the wedding in an amazing jam-packed 8 weeks together.

Anna had exquisite taste and knew the exact style she wanted for her wedding – chic, sophisticated, soft and romantic. They also both wanted the day to be fun for their 75 guests, and most importantly, full of music.

wedding at Stoke Parkestate-47

Images Courtesy of  Stoke Park

The ceremony took place in the stunning Ballroom, which was decorated with gorgeous flower arrangments by one of our favourite florists, Chantal from Chantal Flores Design. The wonderful thing about having a June wedding is the array of flowers that are in season at that time of year, so the arrangements were full of soft pink and cream peonys, David Austin roses and sweet peas. The fragrance filled the room and I think you will agree they are absoltely beautiful.

To mark the aisle the Stylish Events team laid fresh rose petals and we also created and made the confetti cones which were thrown by the guests to congratulate the Bride and Groom on becoming husband and wife.

wedding flowers

wedding confetti

Photographer: Jonny Cohrane & Morgane Bonnet-Layatat M&J Photography LTD

Following the ceremony the drinks reception was held on the terrace overlooking the glorious grounds of Stoke Park. Guests were treated to afternoon tea, including cupcakes topped with Russian dolls, whilst playing croquet and accompanied by music from one of our favourite DJs – Marcus from Mighty Fine Entertainment.

Anna&Michael's wedding 7th June 20141


russian dols cakes

Photographer: Jonny Cohrane & Morgane Bonnet-Layatat M&J Photography LTD

Just before dinner the Stylish Events team handed out balloons to the guests for a balloon release, which was such a lovely touch to the day.

balloon release

Photographer: Jonny Cohrane & Morgane Bonnet-Layatat M&J Photography LTD

The wedding breakfast was held in the gorgeous Fountain Room, which was again adorned with elegant flower arrangements and centrepeices by lovely Chantal of Chantal Flores Design.

the Fountain Room Stoke Park SE

Anna&Michael's wedding 7th June 20148Photographer: Jonny Cohrane & Morgane Bonnet-Layatat M&J Photography LTD


Special touches were sprinkled around the venue to embrace the cultural heritage of Anna and Michael, including Matreshka dolls, German gingerbread hearts, a monogrammed golden post box and on the bar there were giant pretzels and mini schnapps bottles.

Matreshka dools

gift box

Photographer: Jonny Cohrane & Morgane Bonnet-Layatat M&J Photography LTD

After dinner Anna, Michael and their guests truly let their hair down and enjoyed great music from Metropolis Live, followed by a DJ set from Marcus of Mighty Fine, accompanied by a sax and bongo player, well into the wee small hours of the morning. There was also a great disco photo booth from the team at The Mighty Booth.



Photographer: Jonny Cohrane & Morgane Bonnet-Layatat M&J Photography LTD

It was so lovely that as a Russian wedding planner, I was able to assist all of their Russian guests, particularly those who only spoke Russian, so they could enjoy this magical day. I was also delighted to be asked to hand-make the Table Plan.

Table plan

Photographer: Jonny Cohrane & Morgane Bonnet-Layatat M&J Photography LTD

It was such an honour to be chosen by this lovely couple as their Wedding Planners for their beautiful wedding day and they were very kind to send us this message (in English and Russian) after their wedding:

“Dear Dominique, Becca, Marina and the team at Stylish Events! We were so lucky to have found you. You created the most perfect wedding day for us.  You were very hard working, professional, courteous and kind. Your positive attitude was infectious. Your creative thinking was inspirational. We especially appreciated your attention to detail, responsiveness (even over the weekends and late nights) and your cost effective solutions to our ideas. We felt so comfortable to entrust you with organising our special day. We are forever grateful.”  

-Anna and Michael.

“От всего сердца хотим выразить свою благодарность Доминик, Бекке, Марине и всей команде Stylish Events за великолепную организацию нашей свадьбы. Особенно мы были очень рады познакомиться с Мариной, которая помогла нам внести русские традиционные элементы в европейскую свадьбу и воплотить наши идеи в реальность. Марина  - профессионал своего дела. Она очень добрая, ответственная, креативная и талантливая.  Все наши русскоязычные гости были в восторге от ее внимания и заботы в течение всего дня. Анна и Майкл, Стоук Парк”

The Stylish Events team would like to say huge thank you to all of the suppliers for their great work. It was such a pleasure to work with all of you.

If you would like to see more of our weddings or find out about our service, please, click here or contact Dominique directly on  + 44 (0) 7780 702 060 or

List of Suppliers:

Wedding Planners: Stylish Events

Venue:  Stoke Park

Photographer: Jonny Cochrane & Morgane Bonnet-Layat at M&J photography Ltd

Videographer: Mark Buchanan at Hang the Moon

Florist: Chantal at  Chantal Flores Design

Band: Metropolis

DJ, Lighting & Dance Floor: Mighty Fine Entertainment

Cake: Kelly at Princess Patisserie

Furniture Hire: Greathire Ltd

Photo booth: The Mighty Booth

Hair and Make up: Mark Cook

10 reasons why Italy is the most popular choice for UK couples planning a destination wedding


Hi everyone

I’m Anna, one of the current interns at Stylish Events. I’ve been living abroad for more than 8 years now and I dearly miss my home country, Italy. I am so proud that Italy is such a popular choice for UK Couples wishing to get married internationally and I thought I would share with you my thoughts on what it is that makes Italy so special for weddings.

What I love most about Italy is the variety of landscapes, the history and art that seep out of every house and palace wall, the quality of the light (so important for amazing wedding photos!), the Italian creativity and love of beauty and last but not least, the food!

PicMonkey Collage

Photo from Will Be Wedding & Events

Destination weddings are incredibly popular at the moment, and Italy is one of the most sought after locations. The fact that Italy has been a really popular wedding destination for years and the go-to country for romantic honeymoons is not surprising to me, although it’s true, I might be a bit partial on this one :)

Here are my top ten reasons for a couple to consider having a destination wedding in Italy:

 1. The value for money: A destination wedding might cost as much as the average UK wedding (currently quoted at being around £22,500, or more, in the big Cities), which does not include the honeymoon. However, food and services cost a lot less than in the UK, so you can get so much more for your money and make all your dreams come true.

2. The climate: Italy has a mild climate and, especially in the South, the warm season can extend beyond May to October. The most popular months to get married in Italy are May, June, July and September.

3. The location: One of the main reasons to choose a destination wedding is to have your ceremony in a place which has a special meaning to you, or simply because you love the idea of a gorgeous villa or castle as a stunning background for your reception.

Italy has plenty of amazing and exclusive venues, catering for every taste and budget, from rustic villas to elegant palazzi and everything in between. Choosing a beautiful setting for your reception can also save you money on decoration.

The most popular wedding regional locations in Italy are Tuscany, Puglia, the lakes of Como, Maggiore and Garda, the Amalfi coast, Capri and of course, Venice.

The team at Stylish Events was invited to visit some amazing locations in Puglia last year, with other members of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP) Find out more about our visit here and here.



The Amalfi Coast, photo from

 il-lago-di-como milano card

The Como Lake, photo from



Venice, photo from


Salento, Puglia, photo from Will Be Wedding & Events



Emilia Romagna, photo from Will Be Wedding & Events

4. The food: If you are a foody, you are in the right place. No one understands the importance of food like Italians. It is a way of socialising, of showing friends and family your love for them; it’s a duty for the perfect host to serve amazing food. So you are going to be sure you will have the most amazing reception with food made from the best natural and locally sourced ingredients, all ripened by the sun and tasting so incredible.



A creation of chef Danilo Di Vuolo, photo from



A creation of chef Carla Aradelli, photo from


A creation of chef Danilo Di Vuolo, photo from

5. The Wine: Italy is not only the country of food, it’s also the country of wine, which should complement and enhance your food choices in the menu, from starters to the cake. There is a great variety of wines to choose from, and you can buy your wine directly from the local producers at a great price. Another great way to put your own stamp on your wedding day.

6. The favours: Italy is a country bursting with creativity and you will find amazing works of art and hand made artisan objects that will be perfect for bespoke and unique wedding favours.


Limoncello liquor favours, photo from



Favour, photo from

7. The “unique” factor: A destination wedding is definitely more unique, true to your style and, I believe, more intimate. It can be less formal than a traditional ceremony in UK if you wish it to be, so it’s the perfect occasion to have your wedding shout “this is our wedding the way we want it to be”.

8. Your wedding festivities can last for more than one day. When you have a destination wedding, chances are you will have a number of other events around the wedding. For instance a family dinner on day one, a large party or BBQ at a local vineyard for all your guests on day two, the wedding on day three, and then a brunch around the pool on day four. Most venues will be able to assist you to find other locations in their area so you can organise different events at different places.



Image courtesy of Tenuta Monacelle

9. The guest list will be probably more selective. You will know that the family and friends you have at your wedding are going to be there because they really want to be with you to celebrate your special day. It also gives them the chance to visit a new location and to have their own holiday time either before or after your wedding.

10. The Honeymoon possibilities: choosing to have your ceremony and reception away from home allows you to already be in close proximity to your fantastic honeymoon destination, and no long flights and no stress. Italy has an incredibly long list of honeymoon destinations, for every taste and budget.

I hope I was able to show you why I think it’s a great idea to get married in beautiful Italy!

Stay tuned for more information about the legalities of how to get married in Italy, in my next blog post.


Now, here is the great news: if you are already considering Italy as the place to get married, or would like to know more about this possibility, we have something for you!


Stylish Events, in collaboration with an Italian based wedding planner, Francesca Negro of Will Be Wedding & Events, is organising a glamorous, boutique and bespoke event, the “Italian Destination Wedding Show”. This event, which will showcase a combination of the best Italian and UK bridal suppliers, is targeted to all UK couples that wish to get married in Italy or simply wish to know more about this possibility. We will introduce you to the best suppliers with which we have close contact.


We have invited more than 20 amazing, hand picked industry professionals of the highest quality, covering all aspects of a wedding, and all in one specifically set up wedding fair.

The Italian Destination Wedding Show will take place on the 26th October between 11.00 am and 4.00 pm. The stunning location of the event will be The Sofitel, St James in London, a 5 star luxury, grade II listed hotel in the heart of London, and only two minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus tube station.

For a small entrance fee of £5.00 you will be offered a glass of Prosecco and delicious canapés. You will be also treated with a luxury goody bag containing exclusive presents and discounts provided by all the suppliers present at the event. And last but not least you will be able to have one on one conversations and consultations with our great contacts.

Both the team at Stylish Events and Will Be Wedding & Events will be available to discuss our newly set up service of full wedding planning for your destination wedding in Italy.

To find out more about the event and to book your ticket, please visit The Italian Destination Wedding Show website. Following registration you will be required to fill in a short questionnaire and you will be able to join our newsletter, should you desire to be kept updated on the event details.

Hope to see as many of you as possible on 26th October!





Как обновить Русские свадебные традиции для современной Русской невесты. – Традиция первая – «Выкуп»

Всем привет, сегодня я хотела поговорить о том, что я знаю с самого детства, о том, что так близко к моему сердцу – о Русских свадебных традициях.

Когда я была маленькая, мама мне говорила, что это удача увидеть невесту и каждый раз встретив девушку в белом свадебном платье меня переполняла радость, и я знала, что этот день точно сложиться удачно. Возможно поэтому я выбрала профессию свадебного организатора и считаю, что это привилегия принимать участие в самом важном дне молодоженов.

Свадьба – это обряд, таинство. А любой обряд всегда окружен традициями и приметами. Но в последнее время я часто слышу, что современные Русские невесты падают в обморок, услышав фразу – традиционная свадьба. Многие стараются избегать традиции и организовывать свадьбу по европейским канонам.

Но мне кажется наши традиции — это наша особенность, то что делает свадьбу уникальной и радует гостей. А гнаться нужно не за «Европейской» свадьбой, а за европейским сервисом.

Возможно наши традиции немного устарели и просто не менялись переходя из поколения в поколение. А что если осовременить некоторые из наших добрых старых свадебных традиций и приспособить их к нашему образу жизни?

Я рискну и начну с традиции, которая вызывает наибольший резонанс среди невест – «Выкуп».

Традиция выкупать невесту пришла еще с античных времен. С античных!! А мы удивляемся почему она звучит немного устарело, а для некоторых девушек даже оскорбительно.

Как подсказывает название, суть традиции в том, что жених должен выкупить невесту у ее родных и друзей за деньги. Жениха обычно заставляют прыгать по ступенькам в подъезде невесты, отвечая на вопросы о ней, а если он не смог ответить ему придется выпить стопку водки или заплатить деньги.

Все эти шоты и физические испытания не особо радуют невесту. А кто захочет выйти замуж за пьяного жениха? Да и штрафы за неправильные ответы могут быть экстремальным, до переломов конечно не дойдет, но вспотевший жених обеспечен. А это совсем не похоже на романтическое начало свадьбы.

Но я уверена, что эта традиция может быть элегантной и романтичной, особенно здесь в Лондоне.

 Давайте помечтаем 

Только представь, твоя свадьба проходит в удивительном Английском замке или загородном поместье – например в Hedsor House.


Hedsor House Hedsor House

фотограф: Ann Kathrin Koch 

Hedsor House это частное загородное поместье и потрясающая свадебная площадка в Бакингемшир, Англия, расположенная на территории великолепного исторического парка площадью более 40 Гектаров.

Итак, вернемся к мечте. Ты уже готова и ждешь жениха в изумительном свадебном номере люкс в окружении близких и друзей. Это та же комната, в которой жила Августа Уэльская, это поместье было королевской резиденцией.

Hedsor House

Bridal Suite Hedsor House Bridal Suite Hedsor House

Фотограф: Ann Kathrin Koch 

Все гости собрались внизу. Приезжает жених, которого встречают твои подружки и просят пройти одно серьезное испытание вместо нескольких шутливых, а иногда немного глупых, как по старинке.

Твои подружки должны выбрать испытание заранее (несколько недель или месяцев), чтобы жених успел подготовиться. Выбрать испытание следует опираясь на таланты жениха и предпочтения невесты, а также это должно остаться в секрете от невесты.

Выкупать невесту жених должен с помощью песни, танца, собственного DJ сета или другого сюрприза. Он может попросить помощи у друзей или профессиональных артистов. Твои друзья или свадебный организатор должны будут подготовить нужную аппаратуру для сюрприза.

Вовремя выступления ты наблюдаешь с балкона или окна своего номера и решаешь выполнил ли он испытание. Решив ты можешь позволить ему войти, передав сообщение через свою подружку. А после, все могут переместиться в зал, где пройдет церемония.

Вот видишь, современный «выкуп» позволит тебе почувствовать себя принцессой, а жениху героем. Да и гости будут очень рады такому выступлению и уж точно не забудут твою свадьбу.

Мы, Stylish Events, были удостоены чести организовывать свадьбу в Hedsor House. У наших клиентов была индусская свадебная церемония, полная духовных символизмов под священным индийским свадебным шатром – Mandap.

photo 2photo 3 (1) photo 3 (2)  photo 4 photo 5 (1) photo 5

фотограф: Ann Kathrin Koch 

В усадьбе был снят фильм «Золотой компас» в ролях с Николь Кидман и Сэм Эллиотт, и Британский телесериал – Призраки.

Имение также стало площадкой для сьемки фильма Дастина Хоффмана – «Квартет». В ролях: Мэгги Смит, Билли Коннолли, Полин Коллинз, Том Кортни, Майкл Гэмбон

Nicole Kidman Nicole Kidman

Images courtesy of  Hedsor House website 

Еще одна потрясающая свадебная площадка, которую мы безумно любим это отель –  the Connaugh, который располагается в центре Лондонского Ме́йфэр. Здесь ты найдете самый шикарный бар Лондона.

the Connaught hotel


фотограф: Adrian Neal, The Studio Without Walls

В прошлом декабре мы были рады организовывать элегантную зимнюю свадьбу для наших клиентов Анны и Люка.

winter Wedding Stylish Events lanterns wedding Stylish elegant Wedding Stylish Events

фотограф: Adrian Neal, The Studio Without Walls

Твоей идеальной свадебной площадкой и местом для выкупа может стать Aynhoe Park – Это поместье 17 века в часе езды от Лондона.

Aynhoe Park Aynhoe Park

фотограф: Simon Carr

Aynhoe Park – это не отель, это частный дом Джеймса Перкинса. Джеймс полностью отреставрировал и шикарно декорировал усадьбу. Это одно из самых уникальных поместий в мире.

Нам очень повезло работать здесь в прошлом году с одной из самых любимых нами парой. Каждая деталь этой шикарной свадьбы была продумана. Свадьба получилось поистине утонченной так как наши клиенты обладают изысканным вкусом.

photo 3 (5)


photo 5 (3)

photo 1 (7) photo 2 (4) photo 2 (6) photo 3 (6)

photo 4 (5) photo 4 (3) photo 5 (4)

фотограф: Simon Carr

Дочь Мика Джаггера – Джайд Джаггер вышла замуж здесь в Июле 2012 года.

Mick Jagger’s daughter, Jade Jagger, married Adrian Fillary

Images courtesy of Hello Magazine 

Завершая сегодняшний блог, я бы хотела показать вам потрясающий дворец. Дворец Бленхейм (точне — Бле́нем или Бленим,  — родовое имениегерцогов Мальборо, один из крупнейших дворцов-парковых ансамблей Англии. Расположен на окраине Вудстока в графстве Окфордшир. С 1987 г. — памятник Всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО.

Blenheim Palace is a monumental country house situated in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, and is the residence of the Duke of Marlborough.

800px-Blenheim_Palace_panorama _MG_2868.e12fdc1c5634b34770df9631d3b5fdd7 Long-Libr-Dinner-Banqueting.c685d3c39c2cfcd2cf0e7006cbb4274b saloon-weddings2.e12fdc1c5634b34770df9631d3b5fdd7

Images courtesy of Blenheim Palace website 

Что ж, это все на сегодня. Я надеюсь, я смогла вас убедить в том, что наши старые русские традиции имеют место быть в современных свадьбах?

Надеюсь, вам понравился мой пост, и вы вернетесь в следующий раз, чтобы прочитать о еще одной уникальной и романтичной традиции – «7 мостов».

До встречи!

How to update Russian Wedding Traditions for the Modern Russian Bride – Tradition One “Vykup” (The Ransom)

Hi Guys, I thought I would talk to you today about something I know from my childhood and something close to my heart – Russian Wedding Traditions.

There is always something so special about weddings and I believe it’s such a privilege to be involved in the happiest day of someone’s life. In Russia we believe it’s very good luck when you see a Bride. My mum used to tell me that all the time.

A Wedding is a rite, a Sacrament. Any Sacrament is always about traditions and folklore. However, I keep seeing stories on the internet that modern Russian Brides want to escape from them. Just saying “Traditional Russian Wedding”, makes many Russian Brides recoil. Their first thought is usually silly stereotypes of Russian traditions.

What if we could revive some of our good old wedding rituals and adapt them for modern times?

I will take a risk here and start with the number one tradition in my “Silly Russian Tradition Chart” – “Vykup” (The Ransom).

The tradition to “ransom” a bride comes from ancient times. No wonder it sounds silly now, it’s a bit outdated and to some people a little offensive. As the name suggests, this tradition entails the groom “purchasing” the bride from her family and friends with money. The groom would normally be made to jump on the stairs of his bride’s family home, answer a series of questions about his bride and every time he gets a question wrong he must take a shot of vodka or pay a physical or financial penalty dreamed up by her bridesmaids.

All this drinking and mayhem puts many modern brides off, after all, who wants to marry a drunken groom? In addition, the penalties can be quite extreme and result in a rather sweaty groom and filthy wedding suit. This is not romantic and certainly not chique.

However, I believe this tradition could be so much more romantic and chic in a London setting. And by making it fun, there will be no one who could be offended in any way.

Let’s dream about it…

Imagine your wedding is at an amazing English castle or country estate – Hedsor House for example.

Hedsor House Hedsor House

Photographer: Ann Kathrin Koch 

Hedsor House is a private country house and wedding venue in Buckinghamshire set in its own magnificent 100-acre historic park.

So, you are ready and waiting for your groom with your family and friends in the fabulous Bridal Suite. This is the same room that was used by Augusta, the Princess of Wales, in 1166 as it was former Royal Residence.

Hedsor House

Bridal Suite Hedsor House Bridal Suite Hedsor House

Photographer: Ann Kathrin Koch 

All your guests are outside and your groom arrives who is given only one serious challenge by your bridesmaids, which he has had time to prepare ahead of the big day.

Your bridesmaids need to choose a task according his talents and your preference but they have to keep it in a secret from you. I personally think the groom should perform in some way: perhaps sing a song, dance, play his own DJ set or prepare another surprise. He could ask his friends to help or even get a professional artist to assist him. Your friends, or your wedding planner, would arrange any special equipment he needs for the surprise.

Your groom performs his surprise and You, watching from the window above, now decides if your Fiancé has completed the challenge to your satisfaction and then you send a message via your bridesmaids to let him enter the venue. Your guests then move to the Great Hall for the ceremony.

You see, “Vycup” isn’t meant to offend in any way, it’s meant to be fun and allows the bride to feel like a princess and her groom is her hero.

Stylish Events were honoured to have arranged a fantastic wedding at Hedsor House. Our client had a Hindu wedding ceremony full of spiritual symbolism underneath a magical Mandap.

photo 2photo 3 (1) photo 3 (2)  photo 4 photo 5 (1) photo 5

Photographer: Ann Kathrin Koch 

The house has been used as a film location for both television dramas and feature films including The Golden Compass and Spooks.

Nicole Kidman Nicole Kidman

Images courtesy of  Hedsor House website 

It was also the location of Quartet, a 2012 comedy drama film directed by Dustin Hoffman and starring Dame Maggie Smith and Billy Connolly.

Another dream venue, which we love, is the Connaught hotel located in the centre of London’s Mayfair.

the Connaught hotel


Photographer: Adrian Neal, The Studio Without Walls

Last December we organised a chic and elegant wedding for our lovely clients Anna and Luke at the Connaught. We believe it  has the chicest cocktail bar in the whole of London.

winter Wedding Stylish Events lanterns wedding Stylish elegant Wedding Stylish Events

Photographer: Adrian Neal, The Studio Without Walls

Another ideal wedding venue for a ransom scenario and a spectacular wedding location is Aynhoe Park – a listed seventeenth century country house in Oxfordshire, about an hour outside London.

Aynhoe Park Aynhoe Park

Photographer: Simon Carr

Aynhoe Park is not a hotel, it’s a private house owned by James Perkins, who has completely renovated the house and decorated it opulently.

We were lucky enough to work there last year, with one of our favourite couples, Clare and Patrick. Every detail of this luxury wedding was thought about and we were so blessed to have clients who had such exquisite taste.

photo 3 (5)


photo 5 (3)

photo 1 (7) photo 2 (4) photo 2 (6) photo 3 (6)

photo 4 (5) photo 4 (3) photo 5 (4)

Photographer: Simon Carr

Mick Jagger’s daughter, Jade Jagger, married Adrian Fillary here in July 2012 and had a rock ‘n’ roll wedding full of pop stars and models.

Mick Jagger’s daughter, Jade Jagger, married Adrian Fillary

Images courtesy of Hello Magazine 

Lastly, I would like to show you a magnificent wedding venue, a true masterpiece of 18th Century Baroque architecture – Blenheim Palace.

Blenheim Palace is a monumental country house situated in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, and is the residence of the Duke of Marlborough.

800px-Blenheim_Palace_panorama _MG_2868.e12fdc1c5634b34770df9631d3b5fdd7 Long-Libr-Dinner-Banqueting.c685d3c39c2cfcd2cf0e7006cbb4274b saloon-weddings2.e12fdc1c5634b34770df9631d3b5fdd7

Images courtesy of Blenheim Palace website 

Well, I’m afraid that’s it for today. I hope I’m starting to convince you that old Russian traditions do have a place in modern Russian Weddings?

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, please come back next time to read about tradition number two in my “Silly Russian Tradition Chart” The Seven Bridges – another unique and romantic Russian Wedding tradition.