It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day!

Why Hello there! do come in and have a peek around at the new … BLOG! lol yes the observant of you may have noticed a few changes to the ole blog… like that it is no longer on BLOGGER! lol and neither is it called La Belle Vie! Well if you was a reader of my previous blog, then you will know all about the major career changes and upgrades in my life of late.. however you may be a completely new reader! so if you are; Bonjour! grab a cup of tea and get comfy whilst I feel you in!

So this is my first post on the new and improved blog! I have been blogging for over a year now but at the old address of :, where I chronicled my ups and a few crazy downs of my new career within the Wedding Planning industry and boy has it been hard work, but also A LOT of fun! I’ve learnt so much, made new friends, gained new contacts and that it’s all the space of 12months! few months ago I join Dominique Douglas of Stylish Events as a Partner and Senior Event Planner! -So I felt with this major step, that major changes were in order. Which of course meant a complete re-brand! so like a sugar deficient woman on a mission in Hotel Du Chocolat, I set about updating and changing all of my social media accounts with intent and purpose! and since I was going the whole hog, I thought I should start afresh on the blogging front too. So I created this fantastic new blog ‘A Stylish Event’ – see how I did that? – named the blog after the company! I know, I know, tres genius yes?! lol

So there you have it! you’re all caught up, I do hope you love the new blog as much as I do, I was going for simple, elegant and yes Stylish! lol but I also wanted it to reflect the evolution within me as a person and as an Event Planner! each day I learn something new and it’s great. The Ethos and purpose of me blogging is still the same: to celebrate all things beautiful and bridal, I just happen to have a new zing behind my step now.

OK gushing over! let’s get down to business, Want to know what I’ve been up to? wellllllllll we’re currently assisting a lovely couple with their two day english and hindu wedding in March. They signed up for the ‘On The Day’ package – which is where we come on board in the final 6 weeks before the big day and it’s our job, to really take the stress of the final weeks away from them and really pull it all together  and then co-ordinate the day to their specific instructions! This couple are so lovely to work with and I’m really looking forward to their wedding, It’s really set to be a lovely weekdend! I’m of course in my element seeing all the beautiful indian decor and accessories – which feature some of my favourites tones and colours: vibrant pinks, royal purples, and dazzling golds; simply beautiful! This wedding – as I said – is a two day affair which will be held in two different venues and one of them is the STUNNING Hedsor House (ok so time to name drop here – the venue has been featured in music videos and movies like;’The Gold Compass’!!!! lol) and Dominique, Myself and Becca (who is currently interning with us) paid a visit to the venue last week Tuesday (you remember Tuesday -it was the only day last week that had sunshine and blue skys! lol) and it truly was magnificent, I fell in love completely! ok ok, so let me not blather on  and bore you to tears about the beautiful garden and the to-die-for bridal suite! let me just show you the photo’s and let you have a drool over them yourselves!:




















Beautiful right?! and trust me when I say the photo’s do not do it justice! but moving on, Hedsor House was not the only stunning venue, that I had the privlige of visiting these past few weeks! Yesterday Dominique and myself attended a Wedding Showcase at Searcy’s at The Gherkin in London. When dominique asked me if I’d like to attend a showcase at The Gherkin, I more than jumped at the opportunity of having a nose around the famous venue; the complimentary champagne and canapes of course held no sway over my decision…. ahem…. lol! I had a great time and the views of London from this venue are just breathtaking! so of course I had to get snappy happy and take a few photo’s whilst I there! so take a peek and enjoy (oh don’t you just LOVE the characterture mirror’s me and Dominique had done by a great artist with Prelude Entertainment Agency? They are so funny and quirky,  he can do them on badges, key rings, bookmarks etc,  I think it’s great idea for any wedding or party, don’t you think?)












Well I Hope you all enjoyed my first post on the new blog! and three cheers to many more! my next post is set to be a goodie, so make sure you stay tune and watch this space

Stay bless and we’ll speak again soon!.


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