Swagger and Swoon up the aisle!

Good Evening and how was your Monday? were you enlightened, emboldened and generally encouraged to finally fling off those winter scarfs and gloves when you saw todays sunny skies? I don’t know about you (and it’s not as if I need the tan) but I was buzzing off the blue skie and sun today! so ok we’re not talking Barbados temperatures here, but we might as well have considering how cold and dingy it’s been of late!

So for me, todays weather signified the coming of spring and all the joyous freshness and newness it brings with it! so new babies, new engagements and of course new weddings! Now usually, I love to talk  to you about the latest piece of bridal fabulocity (I know that’s not a real word people, but work with me here! lol) that I have discovered or happened upon in my wedding planning days, but I thought since spring represents change, I would follow the seasons lead and shake things up a little!

I recently followed a Menswear Accessories company on Twitter called Swagger and Swoon – yes you read correctly I said MEN’S lol! You got it, today’s post is aimed at the man in your life, the guy who braved the unknown terror of possible rejection and got down on bended knee and said some THE most important words that can be uttered to a woman “Would do me the honour of wearing these Louboutins I bought you”…… wait sorry scratch that, wrong words! lol I’m just pulling your leg people, we all know what I meant! So fast forward a few months and it’s time for your fiance – the groom – to choose what he will be wearing on the big day. Now I’ve always believed that it takes all sorts to make this world of ours go round and which means there’s a massive variety of tastes and styles when it comes to fashion and what we adorn ourselves with!.

Now what if your Groom happens to be the type of bloke, who likes to walk on the wild side of the fashion street, and hates the idea of confirming to the black,grey and ivory standards set for the Grooms attire? well I say look no further (drumroll please) I’m pleased to introduce todays Supplier of the Week: Swagger and Swoon; Who specialize in unique & unusual accessories for men! Accessories that I might add that have been featured in the  pages of The Daily Mail, The Times and The Mirror! but let me stop banging on and let you hear what Swagger and Swoon told me about what makes them different to the rest:

“Swagger & Swoon is a pioneer in accessorising, specialising in those items no longer available on the high street but still in high demand. The choice is huge, with over 900 bow ties alone, and new designs added regularly. The core focus is on products that are different, that you won’t see everywhere and in some cases are only available at Swagger & Swoon, and then only for a limited time. This speciality, coupled with award winning service, is what Swagger & Swoon is about”


On top of being providers of all things unique and one of a kind, they’re also very generous! Swagger and Swoon have very kindly (very very kindly I would like to add) said they would like to offer my readers – that means YOU! lol – a 10% discount off all first orders placed on their website! Just enter discount code:AFS13 during checkout! **Please note this offer is only valid until 30th April 2013**

So now that I’ve hit you with the sales pitch, let me provide you with a couple of visual aids, to get you on the road to using that lovely discount  – enjoy guys!

cufflinks & braces

bow ties and cravats



Stay Blessed and we’ll speak again soon!


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