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Gooooooood morning London! and how are you today? are you as confused as me by this snow in March? suddenly those warnings of global warming don’t seem so crazy anymore do hey?! lol

Anyway moving swiftly on, it’s really been go go goooo at the Stylish Event camp this past week, our Hedsor House couples wedding is next weekend, so we’re firing on all cylinders, crossing all the ‘T’s’ dotting all the ‘I’s’ and just generally making sure everything is all set and prepped for the big day. It’s going to be such a beautiful wedding, really looking forward to seeing all the gorgeous hand picked decor pieces (some of which have come from as far as India!) all put together on the day – that’s one of the elements of this job that I love; seeing all the little things we have been sourcing and organising all finally fit together like pieces in a jigsaw and your finally able to take a step back and fully admire all hard work that went into creating this beautiful day!

Talking of beautiful, it’s time to introduce todays ‘Supplier of the Week’! I discovered Sarah Bates of ‘Britten’- who designs and creates handcrafted luxury wedding accessorie via Not On The High Street (A site I have more than raved about in past posts – I’ve even purchased a few items from there for family and friends – FAB – trust me, check it out) By now you will have guessed I’m a walking magpie for all things, shiny, blingy and  just plain glittery, so when I spied Sarah’s BEAUTIFUL wedding accessories on NOTH (For future reference Not On The High Street will be shortened to NOTH lol) I catapulted into love with her whole range.

But you dont want to hear what I have to say, The ‘creative Think-Box’ behind ‘Britten’ – Sarah- shared with me her thoughts and feelings behinds what  makes her accessories the best of ‘Britten’

 So Sarah, where do you draw your inspiration from for your accessories?

“My main inspiration is the iconic fashion of times gone by, the glitz of the twenties, the glamour of the thirties and forties, and the femininity of the fifties, Britten’s collections of bridal accessories are designed to be both timeless and treasured.”

 What do you feel sets you apart from other companies in your industry?

“Each and every piece is entirely handmade to order from our quaint workshops located just outside Bath. The designs are not traditionally bridal from opulent ostrich feather fans to intricately embellished purses.”

What’s your favourite piece, that you’ve designed for a client?

“My favourite ever bespoke design was a pale grey ostrich feather headpiece with handbeaded deco detail.”

So now you’ve had a sneak peak into the mind of the creative talent at ‘Britten’ let me not dilly dally and allow you ample drooling time, to peruse through the selections of Sarah’s Wedding Accessories – enjoy!handbags-britten*Photo’s taken by David Wickham of ‘Modern Vintage Weddings’* Clock wise from Top right: Jemima Floral Silk purse, Lily Deco Silk Bag, Esther Pheasant Bridal Purse, Mae Blush Feather wedding and Bridal Purse, Audrey Silk and Lace Wedding and Bridal Purse, Percy silk beaded deco bagaccessories-britten*Photo’s taken by David Wickham of ‘Modern Vintage Weddings’* Clock wise from Top right: Elizabeth Floral Headpiece, Grace Silver Deco Cuff, Ruby Deco Ostrich Feather Headband, Rosalie Floral Crystal and Pearl Necklace & Beatrix Deco Bridal Headband or Belt.

feather fans-britten*Photo’s taken by David Wickham of ‘Modern Vintage Weddings’* Clock wise from Top right: Mattie Twenties Grey Ostrich Feather Fan, Jessie Art Deco 1920’s Ostrich Feather Fan, Imogen Bridal Peacock Feather Fan, Fleur Rose and Peal Feather Fan &Elsie Peacock Fan

I hope you enjoyed todays post! personally I’m in love with that beautiful ‘Esther Pheasant Bridal Purse’ I would rock that bag wedding or no wedding damn it! it’s simply too fab to be limited to one days use! lol Make sure you head over to the ‘Britten’ site and have a look at other goodies Sarah has in shop!

OH! keep you eye on the blog, for little Sunday Bridal inspiration;  I’ve got a lovely Moodboard coming your way!

Stay blessed and we’ll speak again soon.


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