As Royal As A Peacock: Bridal Moodboard

So how are you on this Sunday afternoon? are you having a lazy day? or are you like me over at a friends house waiting to be fed some home cooked soup (I’m on a secret cooking strike shhhh no one knows but me) whilst stuffing my face with sweet chilli crisps and Thorntons mini fudge brownies – yes I know, I’m a right lady of leisure! lol

But let me not bore you with my (abysmal) weekend dietary intake, let’s get down to business! So it recently occurred to me that haven’t created a mood board for this new blog yet! – shame on me- so obviously that meant I had to get me ole creative cap on and get to…well…..creating! lol. Now it’s not like there isn’t a million ideas or colours out there for me to have my pick of, but what can I say, I’m a fussy gal! but what do you know, inspiration came in the form of this weeks Supplier of Week post:  ‘Best of Britten’– if you didn’t catch it, IT’S   MUST READ! – Sarah’s wedding accessories are just gorgeous; beautiful feather fans, lavish Peacock bridal purses – her accessories hails the old school movie star era,  it’s all very art deco fabolous-ness (yes I’m making that a word!) so how could I not be inspired, especially by all the lovely feathers -but specifically the peacock feathers! so regal and BLUE! lol I looooovee peacock blue, it’s a such wonderful tone to be used in weddings, whether you want to just use touches of it or go Peacock crazy, it’s sure to give your wedding day that special feel! so without further ado, have a peak and enjoy todays Bridal Moodboard:

“As Royal As A Peacock”

peacock moodboard

Well I hope you enjoyed todays Bridal Mood Board? this week for me is going to be a real hectic one! our Hedsor House Couples big day is next weekend, so I’m going to be M.I.A this week on the blogging front, (going to be busy, folding napkins and ticking off check lists) but I will be back action the following week, with another FAB supplier of the week for you, so watch this space, but until then my pretties….



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