What’s it like to do a Wedding Planning Internship at Stylish Events?

Hello everyone, this week we’d like to introduce you to Laura and Anna, our current interns at Stylish Events. We thought we’d ask them to write a blog post to give you an idea of what their job has been like in their first month. Both Laura and Anna have moved to London to start a new chapter and pursue a career in Wedding Planning. Laura is from Scotland, so she’s not too far from home, while Anna is originally from Italy but has moved to London from Sweden. So, over to you ladies!

Hi there, I’m Laura, in my first month here at Stylish Events I have been working with a client from America and have been researching many things for him. First was hotels and apartments as there is going to be eighteen family members travelling across from America to be in London during the Christmas week. I have also been looking at transportation and fun activities that they could do whilst being in London.

Hi, I’m Anna, and I have been working on organising our Italian Destination Wedding Show, a fantastic event we are co-hosting with Francesco Negro of Will Be Weddings & Events, in London on 26th October 2014 at the Sofitel. More details can be found further below in this blog post and we will be blogging far more about the event very soon.


From Left to Right

Marina (Our Russian Wedding Planner in London), Anna and Laura (Wedding Planning Interns at Stylish Events)

However, not everything has involved sitting at a computer and researching things online. In fact, last week was the perfect demonstration of how glamorous the “Life of a Wedding Planner” can really be, as we were invited to some amazing wedding showcases. All in three days! Armed with our best heels, mascara and lipstick and accompanied by the lovely Marina, Stylish Events Russian Wedding Planner in London, off we went!

The first showcase that we attended was at the Kettner’s, a French restaurant based in Central London (in the heart of Soho) where we were offered a tour of their wedding space while sipping champagne and delicious cocktails. We also viewed rooms on the first floor which they had set up for a Christmas preview but the space would also accommodate wedding parties too. This venue would be perfect for a small intimate wedding ceremony and reception.




Photo’s taken by Stylish Events

The next showcase was the following day at the V&A Museum (Victoria & Albert), and was called ‘A Love Story at the V&A’. We were welcomed into the internal courtyard, which was set for a romantic summer wedding ceremony but can also be used all year round for all types of events. We were offered very elaborate looking and delicious canapés while sipping on more cocktails and prosecco which were supplied by The Admirable Crichton. We had the chance to have one to one talks with suppliers that were involved in helping putting together the showcase, then made our way into a large gallery, which can hosts events up to 150 guests. The room was simply majestic, with Rafael Sanzio’s art hanging on the walls, creating a stunning back drop to a ceremony and reception. Lanterns were placed on the floor which immediately created a soft atmosphere to the event. We especially loved the table setting that was displayed and of course the dessert table! We were offered a selection of sweet treats, from raspberry marshmallows (which we both loved,) to elderflower jelly with gooseberries, which was decorated with an edible flower, to a lemon and basil posset. An amazing cake from The Abigail Bloom Cake Company took the central stage on the dessert table. We spent more time chatting away, and then we were on our way home with biscuits in our goody bag and a stunning bouquet kindly offered by the team of Lavender green, who also made all flower arrangements around the venue. It was a great experience and opportunity for us to network. In the goody bag, the V&A supplied two tickets to the Bridal Exhibition, taking place between now and March 2015.

20140730_2103081 Collages 20140730_210308 20140730_210308 zpfile002

Photo’s taken by Stylish Events

We ended the week with a visit at the Sofitel, St James hotel. We were very excited to be there as this is the venue we have chosen to hold one of our next events, which Anna is currently organising with Dominique. It is a fabulous Italian Destination Wedding Show for UK brides who would like to get married in Italy. This event will take place on 26th October 2014, so mark it in your diaries ladies! Stylish Events is working together with an Italian Wedding Planner, Francesa Negro of We Will Be Wedding Events to provide you with the best the Italy has to offer.

We have already lined-up some fabulous suppliers, both Italian and from the UK. We will soon release more information about the Event, how to register and attend, so stay tuned!

Now, we don’t want you to think that the “Life of a Wedding Planner” is only about attended amazing events and getting the free goody bags at the end of the evening. There is a lot more work that is put in but all in good fun! If you would like to know more about our day to day job as a Wedding Planner then why not come along to Dominique’s “Life of a Wedding Planner” course? Dominique will guide you through the realities of being a wedding planning and explain in detail what we do. We both attended the course in 2013 and look at us now! Interns at Stylish Events! So go ahead, what’s stopping you, find out more about signing up here. http://www.stylishevents.com/Careers/Workshops.aspx


Laura and Anna =)  x

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