Make your own Confetti Cones, Confetti and Holders – it’s easier than you may have thought!

Stylish Events gets crafty at Brides The Show

The “Confetti moment” is often the most memorable and natural group photograph you will have from your wedding day. Why not make it even more special by making your own bespoke confetti cones, boxes and confetti?

Confetti moment

 Photographer: Adrian Neal, The Studio Without Walls

It was only about 4 years ago that I first heard the words “Confetti cone”. Of course, these were the days long before Pinterest and Instagram, so new ideas did take a bit longer to filter through!

These days, confetti cones are very popular, but be warned they can be expensive. We think you can save upwards of £120 by creating your own confetti, cones and holders. And actually it’s also a lot of fun and you can really get creative.

Over the last year we’ve handmade confetti cones for many of our clients’ weddings. It all started when one of our brides wanted something to match her wedding stationery exactly. Luckily, I had wonderful Marina working for me. She is a perfectionist and also incredibly creative. Marina designed and made 150 cones and the bespoke boxes for the wedding and I must say, they were perfect and the bride loved them.

Since then we’ve made many styles, shapes and designs and we really enjoy it.

confetti moment fun

 Photographer: Kate Nielen

confetti style

Photographer: Kate Nielen                             Photographer:  M&J Photography

So, when an email arrived from lovely Kelly Chandler, UK Alliance of Wedding Planners Ambassador – Special Projects & Lifetime Supreme Member, asking members for ideas for the Imaganation Room at Brides The Show, we happily put forward our idea for a Confetti By Design workshop.

We were so delighted to learn we had been accepted. I can’t believe it’s actually this Saturday! I hope you will join us in The Imagination Room at Brides The Show on Saturday 4th October at 3.20 pm to 4.00 pm.

The team from Stylish Events will demonstrate how to make a variety of pretty confetti cones, cone holders and hand-made confetti.

You will learn how to:

  • Design and make your own confetti cones – different styles, sizes and finishing techniques
  • Assemble your own bespoke stand to hold the confetti cones 
  •  Make hand-made confetti

We will be handing out a “Tips Sheet” which will help you to calculate how much confetti you will need for your guest numbers and where you can buy gorgeous embellishments, to make your confetti cones truly unique.

The workshops will be very interactive and hands-on and you will make and decorate at least two of your own cones to take home with you.


PhotographerSimon Carr

It’s really exciting for us to be going to Brides The Show and such an honour to be representing the UKAWP. I highly recommend being part of this great association. Sandy and Bernadette are so supportive and so many great opportunities can come your way. In fact, the more you get involved, the more you will get out of your membership.

So come on, awaken your inner “Martha Stewart” and join us for our Confetti by Design workshop at Brides The Show this Saturday. We hope to see you there.

jamaica confetti

Dominique and the team at Stylish Events

All photos are taken from Stylish Events weddings

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