“The Life of a Wedding Planner” with Dominique Douglas

A huge thank you to Holly for this lovely review of our course.

Forever in a Day

As I’m sure you already know after reading the “Home” or “About” pages of my wonderful (well, I think it’s wonderful…) “Forever In A Day” blog, my main goal in life is to set up my own business as an independent wedding planner. Now, when I realised that this was in fact the ultimate future career path I wished to achieve (rather than some sort of naive dreaming), I then took some time to deliberate how I could actually accomplish this goal.

The first thought that popped into my mind, was increasing my online presence through the creation of the “Forever In A Day” blog and accompanying social media sites, in order to get my name out there as someone who was passionate about wedding’s, whilst showing my determination to reach my Wedding Planning goal (which, I hope you will agree, has been relatively successful!).

Once I got these sites up and…

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