Becca Cole – My Story So Far

As you may have already seen on various social media posts, the lovely Angelique Franklin (aka our star blogger) has moved on to pursue her obsession and passion through launching her company ‘I Love Nails’. We miss her so much already, but luckily for us she still pops into the Stylish office for a cup of tea and a gossip! I’m afraid this means that you’re stuck with me. I thought for my first blog, I would share with you my experiences and how I came to be a part of Stylish Events.

I first met Dominique when I attended her very first ‘Life of a Wedding Planner’ course in March 2012 which I heard about through a friend who was studying Event Management at Greenwich University. Having completed my degree in Event Management at UWIC University in Cardiff in 2011, I was keen to learn more about the world of wedding planning, so booked onto the course immediately. It was so inspiring to learn in such depth all about the planning process, seeing real event proposals, plans, budgets, schedules and learning about Dominique’s experiences. But I think one of my favourite parts was flicking through amazing albums of real past events and weddings. At the time, I had no idea where that would lead me, but I couldn’t be happier that I attended Dominique’s course.

In June 2012, I was so delighted when Dominique asked me to assist her at one of her events. This Bat Mitzvah celebration hosted at The Reform Club was a dream 13th birthday party with a chocolate fountain, an ice cream stand, casino tables, a photo booth,  a four tier blue and gold cake and last but certainly not least…a very special performance by Diversity! It really was a fantastic event and I was so honoured and proud to have been a part of it and knew that Dominique was a true professional and a planner who could teach me so much more.

Carla's Batmitzvah

Photography: Colin Antill, Fotoseeker, venue: The Reform Club, London, Entertainment: Diversity, Flowers: Vive La Rose, Cake: Alexandra Clay, Sound, Lighting and Casino: JSO Productions, DJ and Host: 9 Events, Chocolate Fountain and Ice Cream Stand: Fruits and Fountains.  

I instantly applied for an internship following the Bat Mitzvah and couldn’t have been happier when Dominique offered me a four month internship at Stylish Events starting in November 2012. This was not my first experience as an intern but was by far the best and so much more than I could have ever imagined. Dominique took the time to pass on her knowledge and really involved me in extensive research and meetings, venue hunting, looking at budgets and creating mood boards. In my short four months at Stylish Events I had learnt so much about wedding planning and was so lucky to be involved in a real event which was a two day wedding in Buckinghamshire at Hedsor House.

watermark 1


watermark 4

watermark 3

watermark 2


Photography: Ann-Kathrin Koch, Venue: Hedsor House, Buckinghamshire, Flowers: Chantal Flores Design 

In March 2013 my internship was due to end and this was when I was offered a position within the company alongside Dominique and Angelique as the Event Manager. I felt as if all of my dreams had come true and couldn’t wait to continue with the weddings I had been working on as an intern. It turned out that 2013 was an incredibly busy year for the team at Stylish Events and we are so proud of the weddings we have been involved in. We love helping our clients design their dream day and it’s such an amazing feeling to see it all come together.

Anna and Luke's Wedding Photos1

So that brings me to the present and the future and I am so proud to say that as of January 2014, I am now a Partner at Stylish Events.

I have been asked which is my favourite wedding of 2013, which is an incredibly hard question to answer. Every single wedding we were involved in last year has been entirely different. If I really had to choose one that stands out to me, it’s our autumnal themed wedding at the amazing Aynhoe Park in Oxfordshire for Clare and Patrick. What I loved the most about this wedding was the colours, the décor was so warm and inviting and it complemented this quirky and slightly crazy venue perfectly. Clare had the most exquisite taste and her attention to detail was second to none. Clare and Patrick made it clear from the very first meeting that their priority was their guests. They wanted their close friends and family to have the best experience possible and spent hours planning and putting together a personally selected wine list, a lavish five course meal, their favourite cocktails and of course, they all had the most fantastic time. Weddings are all about the personal touches and this really came across on the day.

Blog - My Story

Photography: Simon Carr, Venue: Aynhoe Park, Oxfordshire, Flowers: Pinstripes and Peonies, Cake: Princess Patisserie, Caterers: Absolute Taste, Fine Wines: Giles Smith Walker, Independent Vintner,  Dance Floor, Stage and Lighting: Mission Events, Band: The White Keys, Jazz trio: 101 Jazz Trio, DJ: Stylish Entertainment, Celebrant: Mark Townsend

It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind since my first meeting with Dominique almost two years ago, and I am very much looking forward to another year with more weddings, more events and more fun!

It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day!

Why Hello there! do come in and have a peek around at the new … BLOG! lol yes the observant of you may have noticed a few changes to the ole blog… like that it is no longer on BLOGGER! lol and neither is it called La Belle Vie! Well if you was a reader of my previous blog, then you will know all about the major career changes and upgrades in my life of late.. however you may be a completely new reader! so if you are; Bonjour! grab a cup of tea and get comfy whilst I feel you in!

So this is my first post on the new and improved blog! I have been blogging for over a year now but at the old address of :, where I chronicled my ups and a few crazy downs of my new career within the Wedding Planning industry and boy has it been hard work, but also A LOT of fun! I’ve learnt so much, made new friends, gained new contacts and that it’s all the space of 12months! few months ago I join Dominique Douglas of Stylish Events as a Partner and Senior Event Planner! -So I felt with this major step, that major changes were in order. Which of course meant a complete re-brand! so like a sugar deficient woman on a mission in Hotel Du Chocolat, I set about updating and changing all of my social media accounts with intent and purpose! and since I was going the whole hog, I thought I should start afresh on the blogging front too. So I created this fantastic new blog ‘A Stylish Event’ – see how I did that? – named the blog after the company! I know, I know, tres genius yes?! lol

So there you have it! you’re all caught up, I do hope you love the new blog as much as I do, I was going for simple, elegant and yes Stylish! lol but I also wanted it to reflect the evolution within me as a person and as an Event Planner! each day I learn something new and it’s great. The Ethos and purpose of me blogging is still the same: to celebrate all things beautiful and bridal, I just happen to have a new zing behind my step now.

OK gushing over! let’s get down to business, Want to know what I’ve been up to? wellllllllll we’re currently assisting a lovely couple with their two day english and hindu wedding in March. They signed up for the ‘On The Day’ package – which is where we come on board in the final 6 weeks before the big day and it’s our job, to really take the stress of the final weeks away from them and really pull it all together  and then co-ordinate the day to their specific instructions! This couple are so lovely to work with and I’m really looking forward to their wedding, It’s really set to be a lovely weekdend! I’m of course in my element seeing all the beautiful indian decor and accessories – which feature some of my favourites tones and colours: vibrant pinks, royal purples, and dazzling golds; simply beautiful! This wedding – as I said – is a two day affair which will be held in two different venues and one of them is the STUNNING Hedsor House (ok so time to name drop here – the venue has been featured in music videos and movies like;’The Gold Compass’!!!! lol) and Dominique, Myself and Becca (who is currently interning with us) paid a visit to the venue last week Tuesday (you remember Tuesday -it was the only day last week that had sunshine and blue skys! lol) and it truly was magnificent, I fell in love completely! ok ok, so let me not blather on  and bore you to tears about the beautiful garden and the to-die-for bridal suite! let me just show you the photo’s and let you have a drool over them yourselves!:




















Beautiful right?! and trust me when I say the photo’s do not do it justice! but moving on, Hedsor House was not the only stunning venue, that I had the privlige of visiting these past few weeks! Yesterday Dominique and myself attended a Wedding Showcase at Searcy’s at The Gherkin in London. When dominique asked me if I’d like to attend a showcase at The Gherkin, I more than jumped at the opportunity of having a nose around the famous venue; the complimentary champagne and canapes of course held no sway over my decision…. ahem…. lol! I had a great time and the views of London from this venue are just breathtaking! so of course I had to get snappy happy and take a few photo’s whilst I there! so take a peek and enjoy (oh don’t you just LOVE the characterture mirror’s me and Dominique had done by a great artist with Prelude Entertainment Agency? They are so funny and quirky,  he can do them on badges, key rings, bookmarks etc,  I think it’s great idea for any wedding or party, don’t you think?)












Well I Hope you all enjoyed my first post on the new blog! and three cheers to many more! my next post is set to be a goodie, so make sure you stay tune and watch this space

Stay bless and we’ll speak again soon!.