Stylish Events Celebrates 20 Years in Wedding Planning

I am so excited to let you know that this month we are celebrating 20 years of planning weddings for our wonderful couples.

I launched Stylish Events at the National Wedding Show in February 2002 and our first wedding was for lovely Hannah and Giles in September that year at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

Stylish Events very first wedding for H&G at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle

My goodness how the wedding planning industry has changed over the years!

Wedding Planning was still very new to the UK at that time and there were very few wedding planners. There was also no social media in those days!

To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we have created a little video to highlight our journey in the wonderful world of weddings.

A huge thank you to the amazing couples who have trusted us with the most important day of their lives. We will never take your trust for granted. I wish I could include you all in this video, but then it would be hours long!

In 2009 lovely Gemma became our first intern and since that time we’ve had so many interns. I have loved having you all on my team and could not have done it without you!

I would also like to thank the fantastic venues and suppliers we have had the pleasure of working with over the years for helping us create these weddings.

A special thank you to the photographers for providing the images in the video: Kate Nielen, Adrian Neal, John Nassari, Simon Carr, Francis Carlisle, Ann Kathrin Koch, Craig Mitchell, Sergio De Riccardis, Nick Redman, Colin Ross, Paula Broome.

Here’s to the next 20 years!!!

Love, Dominique

Becca Cole – My Story So Far

As you may have already seen on various social media posts, the lovely Angelique Franklin (aka our star blogger) has moved on to pursue her obsession and passion through launching her company ‘I Love Nails’. We miss her so much already, but luckily for us she still pops into the Stylish office for a cup of tea and a gossip! I’m afraid this means that you’re stuck with me. I thought for my first blog, I would share with you my experiences and how I came to be a part of Stylish Events.

I first met Dominique when I attended her very first ‘Life of a Wedding Planner’ course in March 2012 which I heard about through a friend who was studying Event Management at Greenwich University. Having completed my degree in Event Management at UWIC University in Cardiff in 2011, I was keen to learn more about the world of wedding planning, so booked onto the course immediately. It was so inspiring to learn in such depth all about the planning process, seeing real event proposals, plans, budgets, schedules and learning about Dominique’s experiences. But I think one of my favourite parts was flicking through amazing albums of real past events and weddings. At the time, I had no idea where that would lead me, but I couldn’t be happier that I attended Dominique’s course.

In June 2012, I was so delighted when Dominique asked me to assist her at one of her events. This Bat Mitzvah celebration hosted at The Reform Club was a dream 13th birthday party with a chocolate fountain, an ice cream stand, casino tables, a photo booth,  a four tier blue and gold cake and last but certainly not least…a very special performance by Diversity! It really was a fantastic event and I was so honoured and proud to have been a part of it and knew that Dominique was a true professional and a planner who could teach me so much more.

Carla's Batmitzvah

Photography: Colin Antill, Fotoseeker, venue: The Reform Club, London, Entertainment: Diversity, Flowers: Vive La Rose, Cake: Alexandra Clay, Sound, Lighting and Casino: JSO Productions, DJ and Host: 9 Events, Chocolate Fountain and Ice Cream Stand: Fruits and Fountains.  

I instantly applied for an internship following the Bat Mitzvah and couldn’t have been happier when Dominique offered me a four month internship at Stylish Events starting in November 2012. This was not my first experience as an intern but was by far the best and so much more than I could have ever imagined. Dominique took the time to pass on her knowledge and really involved me in extensive research and meetings, venue hunting, looking at budgets and creating mood boards. In my short four months at Stylish Events I had learnt so much about wedding planning and was so lucky to be involved in a real event which was a two day wedding in Buckinghamshire at Hedsor House.

watermark 1


watermark 4

watermark 3

watermark 2


Photography: Ann-Kathrin Koch, Venue: Hedsor House, Buckinghamshire, Flowers: Chantal Flores Design 

In March 2013 my internship was due to end and this was when I was offered a position within the company alongside Dominique and Angelique as the Event Manager. I felt as if all of my dreams had come true and couldn’t wait to continue with the weddings I had been working on as an intern. It turned out that 2013 was an incredibly busy year for the team at Stylish Events and we are so proud of the weddings we have been involved in. We love helping our clients design their dream day and it’s such an amazing feeling to see it all come together.

Anna and Luke's Wedding Photos1

So that brings me to the present and the future and I am so proud to say that as of January 2014, I am now a Partner at Stylish Events.

I have been asked which is my favourite wedding of 2013, which is an incredibly hard question to answer. Every single wedding we were involved in last year has been entirely different. If I really had to choose one that stands out to me, it’s our autumnal themed wedding at the amazing Aynhoe Park in Oxfordshire for Clare and Patrick. What I loved the most about this wedding was the colours, the décor was so warm and inviting and it complemented this quirky and slightly crazy venue perfectly. Clare had the most exquisite taste and her attention to detail was second to none. Clare and Patrick made it clear from the very first meeting that their priority was their guests. They wanted their close friends and family to have the best experience possible and spent hours planning and putting together a personally selected wine list, a lavish five course meal, their favourite cocktails and of course, they all had the most fantastic time. Weddings are all about the personal touches and this really came across on the day.

Blog - My Story

Photography: Simon Carr, Venue: Aynhoe Park, Oxfordshire, Flowers: Pinstripes and Peonies, Cake: Princess Patisserie, Caterers: Absolute Taste, Fine Wines: Giles Smith Walker, Independent Vintner,  Dance Floor, Stage and Lighting: Mission Events, Band: The White Keys, Jazz trio: 101 Jazz Trio, DJ: Stylish Entertainment, Celebrant: Mark Townsend

It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind since my first meeting with Dominique almost two years ago, and I am very much looking forward to another year with more weddings, more events and more fun!

By Invitation Only!

Hello, a good afternoon to you all! and how are you? Have you (like me) been taken aback by the not-so-positive press coverage of our former  late prime minster Margaret Thatcher more commonly known as ‘The Iron Lady” I’m mean seriously…. WOOOWWW I’m in shock, the last time I saw  this level of celebration and jubilation over someones death, was in that scene in the ‘Wizard Of Oz’ when the house lands on the wicked witch! – in fact the video footage shown on the news looked uncannily similar! Just replace the Munchkins of Oz with the over-joyed residents of Brixton and Glasgow and their impromptu beer and (very oddly) milk drinking street party and you got a modern day ‘Wizard of Oz!’  crazy! I think the only thing I have left to say on the matter is R.I.P Miss Thatcher!

OK, swiftly moving onto less morbid and more bridal matters, I thought today I would talk to you about invites! choosing what design, colour or  type of paper/card you want to have for your wedding day, is actually quite important! Whenever we’re discussing invites with clients, Dominique often quotes a former bride’s father “You can tell  the quality of a wedding, by the quality of the invite!” and do you know, I think that’s right! now it doesn’t mean you have to go crazy and spend half of your budget on the invites, just so you can impress your friends or relatives; It’s possible to have affordable invitations that are quality and have that personal touch to you and your partner.

Now for me (being a lady of creativity) I love to see quirky or original invitations, that really show the Bride and Grooms personality and style, I mean when you think about it, the invites sets the tone for your wedding and gives your guests a sneak peak into what you have planned for your big day, which is always exciting! Aside from event day decor or glamourous bridal gowns, I love seeing beautifully designed invites, here are some really lovely designs that our previous clients have used:


My Fav is the vintage Art Deco inspired invitation for ‘The State of Grace” Launch Party (bottom left). Now this leads me very nicely onto this weeks ‘Supplier of The Week’ a company by the name of ‘3 Egg Design’ which owned and run by the lovely Kim! ‘3 Egg Design’ is a Boutique Brand based all the way in Sweden, specialising in printable wedding invitations and paper goods for the DIY bride!  Kim offers a range of designs to suit all brides and grooms, whether you’re looking for a vintage, modern or a fun theme for your big day! Also her designs are all available as printables so everyone can enjoy it! Kim gave me a few words about herself, the company and where she draws her inspirations from for her designs:

My Story:

“I have always been a creative person since I was a little girl. I went to design school, completed my diploma and bachelor degree in graphic design in Melbourne, Australia and have been working in the design industry for over 10 years now. I believe, knowing your design elements and principles first is very important before you can jump in and start ‘designing’. Over time, my style developed and I began to create my own brand which is soft and feminine, maybe that is because I am a girl…haha.. and perfect for the wedding industry.”

My Companies Philosophy:

“I have always gone with my gut feeling and try my best to have fun with my creations. Weddings today, isn’t what they use to be. I think many brides today want something fun, romantic but with with a touch of formal and tradition, which I try to offer my customers. I offer DIY printables only because I believe every bride should have access to beautiful invitations that delights them and yet still affordable. She also gets to have fun in the process by choosing her paper stock etc and make the invitation uniquely to her”

My Creativity:

“My inspiration comes from everything and everywhere, from my travels to personal experiences. Nature is my main core of inspiration. Especially since I am now based in Sweden, a country that is covered by more then 50% forest. Not to mention, vintage detailing and my love for typography”

Well as you can see the word ‘beautiful’ feels like a slight under-statement when describing Kim’s design skills or her lovely lovely invitations! have a peek and let me know which deisgn you like the most – my fav is the ‘retro comic strip’ inspired invites!





invite 6

For more information about Kim and her FAB invites head over to the ‘3 Egg Design’ shop.

Well I hope you enjoyed this weeks ‘Supplier Of The Week’ post? Stay tuned as we have some real goodies in store for you, including a look into the proffessional body for the wedding market the UKAWP (UK Alliance of Wedding Planners) and a Cheese Cake Supplier (I’m talking a cake literally made of cheeses by the way) ‘Churchmouse Cheeses’, but until then…

Stay blessed and we’ll speak again soon.


I had a dream….

So how was your first week back from that lovely four day weekend? …. it’s always a bit grim right? coming down off that long weekend high and having to adjust back to the norm. It’s the same feeling you get when you land back in London after your holiday of fun in the sun, that whole “’s over… and I live here in London… where seeing the sun is as rare as catching a on time train” lol

But hey, let’s look at the positives, it was a short working week and it’s now the weekend again! hoorrahh for that! and keeping on with the whole “looking on the bright side of things” I thought I would talk to you about something positive and even hopefully inspiring! Now if you’ve checked out my blog before, you will have (I hope) taken at least a peek at the “About me” page and did a quick scan of my life story and what I’m all about; but in case you haven’t (and shame on you for not – I suggest you head over right now! lol) you will know that being an Event Planner is still a relatively new career path for me, prior to 2011 I was working as a receptionist in a regular 9-5 job, I wasn’t even working in the field that I have a degree in; in case you want to know that is Journalism. I did a brief stint at a few magazines, but clearly I had a rose tinted idea of what working as  Journalist would be like; turns out it’s not something I’m that suited to or even really enjoyed! Cant’ tell you what a major bummer that was, to realise the degree I had worked 3 oh so long years to get, would be a field I didn’t end up working in – but it’s a tale very familiar to many Uni leavers. So anyway, fast forward to 2011 and I started to evaluate what it is I really wanted to do with myself career wise and after much umming and arriing and research and deep “who am I?” “What’s my purpose in life?” type convo’s with friends, I decided that I could see myself as a Wedding Planner

Great!…..but how do you become a wedding planner?! lol I was at a complete loss, so one day I randomly decided to check out a wedding fair, just to go for the hell of it! lol I didn’t go with any real idea of what I was hoping to achieve by doing this, but I went never the less, accompanied by some trustee friends and through it I met Dominique Douglas of Stylish Events – where I am now a Partner and Senior Event Manager! From a 5-10 min conversation with her that day at the wedding fair, I managed to secure myself an internship at Stylish Events.! As a result I resigned from my full time job of 5 years and decided to jump in with both feet into this career and really give it all my energy and focus.  I have to say taking control of my life and making that decision do an internship, was the best decision I’ve made in very long time! I can’t tell you how much I learnt during my internships (I also worked with The Lansdowne Club, Mayfair and with Penny Cullen of Tigerlily Weddings) I was gaining real life experience and skills in a job that really challenged me and had me waking up each morning actually excited to go to work – which I dont know about you, but was something very new to me! lol

But where I learnt and gained the most was during my time with Dominique, she allowed me to be so hands on with her events that year, I wasn’t there to make tea and coffee and re-orgnize her filing lol, No! I actually contributing to the planning and organising of a international wedding in Jamaica and a large Bat Mitzvah – this was my first ever event, I was seriously lucky, We had Diversity performing! I was definitely not complaining lol (see below for photo’s of this event). There was no sitting on the sidelines, Dominique really forces you to get stuck into the work and gives you assignments that as an Event Planner you will have to deal with; so I was sourcing suppliers, designing moodboards which I would present to clients at meetings and even being responsible for managing a project within the event, it was great! My time with Dominique really gave me the confidence and push I needed to be able to take myself and my future that much more seriously.bat mitzvahBut as well as taking on interns (we offer 6 internships a year – so take note all you aspiring Event Planners out there) Dominique also  runs a “Life of a Wedding Planner”  course. It’s a one day course, which teaches you the REALITIES of this job and what to expect. Dominique as an Event Planner of 10 years, talks to you about all the things you don’t really think of, from how to attract new clients, invoicing and preparing contracts, to finding the perfect venue and more! something I found BEYOND eye opening when I attended, was the ‘How to get a job within the Event industry’ segment which covered CV and Cover Letter Writing. I found this really informative and helpful, Dominique really breaks down to you, what it is that potential employers (like herself) look for when receiving cover letters and CV’s from hopeful and aspiring event planners; it’s funny, because the advice she gave was so simple, yet effective. Isn’t it strange how the majority of us rarely take the time to think of how our CV’s look and must read from the employer side of things? but when you think about it, our CV is our one chance of grabbing a potential employers attention and make them want to call you in for that interview! Now I could sit here all day gushing about how great Dominique is and how fab the course is – which to be fair is very biased of me some might point out! lol – so how about I show you some great feedback we recently received from Gemma who attended the course; Gemma contributes her getting a job, down to Dominique’s advice, as they say the proof is in the pudding!

“Dear Dominique, 

Following your course last November, I commenced a year long course with the wedding planner school, but I remembered your advice that getting some experience in the industry was crucial. So I applied for a part time role as a wedding manager a month ago.  I honestly didn’t think I stood a chance, but I followed your instructions about a good CV and covering letter, if I’m honest I actually used the exact template I wrote in your class, and I was amazed because I got an interview! I have just found out that I have been offered the position, which I am so excited about, so I just wanted to email to say thanks, because of  the course and  your advice it gave me the confidence and skills to get this job.

Regards Gemma”

Well like I said the proof is in the pudding and with feedback like that you can’t put a price on what attending a quality and well thought out course can do for you! Dominique feels really passionate about passing on her experience and knowledge to the next generation of Event Planners, which you can tell throughout her course. She especially values  how a well laid out and written CV can do wonders for you and can really give an insight into what type person and employee you would be. Many of the girls who have attended the course, have enjoyed themselves so much, they have wanted to stay on as an intern – in fact the past ( and present) 3 interns  (Becca, Sophie and Lindsay) all attended the course and each impressed Dominique with their determination and commitment so much, that she offered them an internship! Here is some lovely feedback from previous interns on their time working at Stylish Events:

“Unlike the majority of Dominique’s interns, I had previous experience in the events industry. Working for Dominique was a unique experience, one that cannot compare to any other job, volunteering or internship. I was working for Dominique almost for 5 months and I have been involved in weddings and events which was very satisfying as I could try many different things. Dominique isn’t a regular employer, the trust, freedom and responsibilities that you receive are very motivating. I strongly recommend it to anyone who would like to become wedding planner or work in events industry to do work experience with Dominique” – Lenka Podolanova

“Working with Dominique for three months over the summer 2011 was an eye opening experience. Not only does it look amazing on my CV but working alongside an events planner who has been in the business for nine years really is the best way to see and feel if this profession is for you.Dominique lets you have a go at everything that you would be doing as a real life event planner” – Danielle Simpson

“Dominique’s internship allowed me to pursue my passion for wedding planning and events. As a recent graduate I found it very difficult to secure any placements within bigger events companies as they are a very competitive industry; however it wasn’t until I attended “The Life of a Wedding Planner” that I found what I was looking for. What I loved most about the internship was that Dominique was not afraid to push you in at the deep end; she places full trust in her students and allows them to learn right from the start. With this I have now managed to apply everything I have learnt in my new role as Events Coordinator at a recruitment agency” – Jessica Harris


From Right to Left: Interns: Lenka, Becca, (Me and Dominique) Jessica, Laure & Seyda

For more information on course dates, prices and internships head over to our website  quick quick!

So what can I say, attending this course and or doing internship with Stylish Events is something to seriously consider, look at me! I had a dream, which has now become a reality!

I hope you enjoyed todays aspirational post, tune in next week, for our ‘Supplier of the Week’ featuring ‘3 Egg Design’ and her lovely invites but until them peeps….

stay blessed and we’ll speak again soon.


And the Bride wore…

Hello  Hello, Happy (belated) Easter to you! and how was your long weekend? Did you choose to spend it with family and friends, whilst stuffing yourself face with masses of chocolate and your mums sunday roast? or did you take the ‘Y.O.L.O.'(You Only Live Once)principle literally and spend this four day weekend partying hard (like some people I know-who shall remain nameless… #youknowwhoyourare!) Well I spent my weekend, doing the first option, eating copious amounts of all things tasty (and bad for me) and catching up on the latest movies at the cinema – two things I love the most; food and films, so it was a great time for me!

Talking of great times, it time to introuduce our ‘Supplier of the Week’! A few weeks ago we received an invite to attend the bridal fashion showcase, for Designer Charlotte Garrett’s latest couture collection – Charlotte Garratt is a couture design studio in London, specialising in bespoke gowns designed for each individual bride. All gowns are designed and made in their London studio by Charlotte herself!

The showcase was held at the understatedly glamourous location of 30 Pavillion Road in Knightsbridge (a Searcy’s owned venue) well you know me, I never like to miss a chance to mingle with some industry lovelies, whilst drooling over a few beautiful gowns; So I of course RSVP’d ASAP! lol. Now I haven’t been to that many industry events and the few I have been to, have always been very enjoyable, but I must say that this by far has to be my favourite; the venue was stunning (if a bit conspicuous, me and one our interns Lindsay got slightly lost trying to find the place.. though maybe on hindsight this could be because we were relying on my iphone’s GPS – which we all know is ever so reliable… ahem) the supplier’s featured at the showcase were fab; we had a great time stuffing our faces with the sweet treats; ranging from sea salt and caramel popcorn to delicately decorated cookie pops (biscuits on a lollipop 😉 ) and of course the real highlight of the night was Charlotte’s GORGEOUS Gowns!. After a quick mingle and a drink of a champagne cocktail or two, me and Lindsay settled down in our front row seats and eagerly waited for the catwalk show to commence.

And what can I say about Charlotte’s collection? it was gown after gown of silks, lace, beautiful backless detailing, there was even some feathers (which I’m now learning I’m a bit partial to! lol) I loved them all, but I fell headlong in deep love with the ‘Elizabeth’ (see below for photos) – I just loved this design, very typical of  the sleek, elegantly gowns I tend to favour and the feather detailing, just added that small touch of glamour to it! Once the show ended, I made a speedy beeline for the Charlotte; I firstly wanted to thank her for the invite and of course to gush like the fashion fiend I am, about how much I loved her new collection. Charlotte was so warm and personable and she very nicely agreed to let me do a feature on her and her beautiful gowns! So on that note, enough from me and let me leave you to hear all about Charlotte’s design career, what inspire’s her creations and what makes this designer so special:

My Inspiration:

“I find inspiration for my gowns from many places but primarily from historical garments and architecture. I love visiting the V&A to view their marvellous collection of historical gowns and clothing, and am fascinated by the wide range of intricate architecture to be found in every London street. Having started my design career with corsetry they still play a key part in many of my designs, again this comes from a historical element, from Elizabethan to Edwardian corsets themselves have a long evolution and fashion all their own.”

 Our Unique Selling Point:

“Charlotte Garratt is a design studio, we are not a boutique. We do not stock racks and racks of dresses, but cater to each individual brides needs and wants in a creative, design-lead environment. I offer a personal one to one shopping experience for each of my brides to visit fabric stockists together and plan their gown as part of a fun, tangible experience. Shoes and accessories can also be made to match our dress designs, offering a complete, head to toe bespoke service.”

 My Favourite piece:

“One of my favourite designs is actually one of my first bridal gowns. I wanted to create something beautiful and romantic, but also unique. With lace sleeves and a heart cut-out back feature, it has been very popular and still receives comments when brides look through my portfolio! I have found that sleeves are becoming more and more popular, lots of brides are self conscious when it comes to their arms, so this style is very suitable for current fashions”

I figured it’s enough with the talking and time to show you Charlottes new collection and the photo’s of the Bridal Showcase evening- enjoy! and let me know which one is your favourite!:

Charlotte Garrett moodboard

(Dresses from Top Right clockwise: ‘Elizabeth’, ‘Camille’, ‘Harriet’, ‘Grace’ ‘Natalia’ & ‘Katerina’ – Photoshoot credit: Dresses and Jewelery by Charlotte Garrett, Photography by Cecelina Photography, Venue: Ashdown Park Hotel, Brooch Bouquet & Stationary by The Finer Details, Hair & Make Up by Brides and Beauty)

charlotte 3

credits: Venue: Searcy 30 Pavillion Road, Stationary & Brooch Bouquet by The finer Details, Make Up Artist and Hair by Brides and Beauty, Shoes supplied by Marshall Hall, Flowers and Styling by Essential Flowers, Music by Melissa Music, Cake Table and Cupcakes by Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, Macarons by Chateau Macaron, Popcorn by Soda Popcorn, D.I.Y SOS Kit by Bride and Glory

charlotte 2

credits: Venue: Searcy 30 Pavillion Road, Stationary & Brooch Bouquet by The finer Details, Make Up Artist and Hair by Brides and Beauty, Shoes supplied by Marshall Hall, Flowers and Styling by Essential Flowers, Music by Melissa Music, Cake Table and Cupcakes by Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, Macarons by Chateau Macaron, Popcorn by Soda Popcorn, D.I.Y SOS Kit by Bride and Glory

charlotte 4

credits: Venue: Searcy 30 Pavillion Road, Stationary & Brooch Bouquet by The finer Details, Make Up Artist and Hair by Brides and Beauty, Shoes supplied by Marshall Hall, Flowers and Styling by Essential Flowers, Music by Melissa Music, Cake Table and Cupcakes by Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, Macarons by Chateau Macaron, Popcorn by Soda Popcorn, D.I.Y SOS Kit by Bride and Glory

To find out more about Charlotte and her wonderful gowns, you can find her on:


Twitter: @C_Bridal


As you can see from the photo’s it really was great night and I definitely wasn’t complaining about the goodie bag’s given out to guests at the end of the evening;I must say  big thank you to Charlotte, as they were filled to the brim with all sorts of FAB  give aways! amongst all the many treats,  included a very stylish Debretts Diary; very nice, two thumbs from me!

I hope you enjoyed todays post as much as I did that evening, I look forward seeing the lovely Charlotte and her Beautiful gowns at the next Bridal Showcase 😉 Tune in again this Friday for the 2nd post of the week – its all about my team at ‘Stylish Events‘ and how our ‘Life Of A Wedding Planner’ course has helped fellow aspiring Event Planners on their career paths! but until then my lovelies….

Stay Blessed and we’ll speak again soon!



OMG…..O.M.GGGGGG I did? I’m sure I did? it felt like it……no I’m sure it was……I saw it people… SUNSHINEEEEE! and not the sunshine in my mind – oh nooooo – actual sunshine….come on guys you remember what that is?! it’s the lovely rays that come from that ball of fire in the sky – THE SUN?!! lol Well, on my stroll to Tesco’s this morning I was blinded by it- albeit all of 2 minutes – but blinded by it none the less! it was like a scene out of one of those horror movies I swear! I was innocently walking along like the unsuspecting, living in the dark hermit we’ve all become, when it happened… this strange warmth washed over me, so lovely as it was, I attempted to seek out where this beautiful strange heat was coming from! Then I looked up to the sky and there it was, this bright, ball of light! and like all creatures of the dark I instantly shrank away from it, eyes all scrunched up, hand covering my face, while I screeched “my eeyyeee’s, they’re burnninng!!” lol then I remembered to stop acting like a freak and face the sun and enjoy all 120 seconds of it…..before the clouds mockingly swallowed it back up and took it away from me – but it was real, I SWEAR….. (at least I think so…)

OK  I’ve just realised, that I have written a whole paragraph about my moment (very temporary moment) in the sun! lol – but do you remember when spring used to be spring? and we even used to have actual summers? *sighs* talking of remembering, this leads me very nicely onto todays ‘Supplier of the Week’! on my usual internet digs, where I look to bring you something fab for the week, I happened on upon the lovely Jessica Harrington and her ‘Wedding Save The Date’ Magnets. That’s right Magnets, not cards! and by now you’ll know that I love anything that puts a quirky or original spin on the norm and Jessica’s Magnets do just that. I mean how many of you when receiving a ‘Save The Date’ card actually keep them once the big day has come and gone? I know I personally don’t, but I definitely would if I was sent a beautifully designed magnet! I think this is a really cool and original idea, something that can be kept as keepsake or memento of a loved ones wedding.

Jessica gave me a her thoughts and ideas about her creations and company and how she managed to come up with the FAB idea for the Magnets in the first place:

“I got married myself August 2012 and made the magnets with packaging originally for my own wedding guests. The ‘Rose Floral’ design was inspired from the design of my wedding dress. I had my save the date magnets with packaging published on a wedding blog, just to showcase what I had created for my own wedding. From that I started having enquires from other brides asking if I could make them for their weddings too!  A year later I now have an increasing customer base in the UK and more and more customers from the US and Australia. It feels like a great achievement when you know your products are being talked about not only in the UK but in countries so far away.”

“There are 3 products available which can be adapted to any of the 10 designs currently available: 1. Rose Floral 2. Sunflower Floral, 3. Birdcage, 4. Autumn, 5. Pretty Bow, 6. Seashell Beach, 7. Aviation Birdcage, 8. Retro Bunting, 9. 1950’s Vinyl Record, 10. Tea Party. There are two magnet sizes 58mm and 77mm, but also if your looking for something a little different the 58mm magnets can also be bought with handmade packaging. The packaging is a piece of coloured card with a beautiful delicate lace paper, which a matching label attached to the top. A clear plastic pouch displays the magnet beautifully within the packaging.”

I wanted to know what Jessica’s favourite magnet design was, that she has created for a client?

“I am open to creating a completely new design to match any wedding theme, so don’t have to stick to the existing 10 designs currently available. I love when a bride comes to me asking for something new as I can get my ‘creative mind’ flowing! I love the ‘1950’s; vinyl record design which I first created for a customer last year. Since then I have had lots of orders and interest in them.”


In the spirit of Easter giving, Jessica is kindly offering my readers £5 off an order, if you order 50 or more 58mm magnets with or without packaging. Quoting STYLISH EVENTS – offer expires 7th April 2013

I don’t know about you, but I simply ADORE these magnets, they are just too cool! I really like the idea of surprising guests with these one-of-a-kind keepsake Magnets – I mean just look at them!

save the date magnets

For more information about Jessica and her ‘Save The Date’ Magnets you can find her on:




Twitter: @WedSavetheDate

Well I hope you enjoyed todays ‘Supplier Of The Week’ post, have a great Easter weekend and try not to over indulge on the chocolate, I know all you Chocolate fiends out there like to use this holiday to justify your manic choccie eating binges! Saying that the “Easter Bunny” gave you all those eggs to eat, just wont wash! You know who are! lol

Keep an eye out for the next post, featuring Bridal Gown Designer Charlotte Garrett. It’s going to be jam packed with so much Glamour and Sparkle, that the post will have to come with a reader warning, advising you to keep your sunglasses at the ready or be blinded by the fabolousness of it all! lol

Stay blessed and we’ll speak again soon.


A touch of vino!

I know, I know two posts in one week! what is happening?! is it raining cat’s and dogs, is the world actually flat? no it’s OK your not losing you marbles, I just happened to finally get some photo’s of the UKAWP (UK Alliance of Wedding Planners) Wine Workshop Dominique hosted a few weeks ago in February and I was just itching to share them with you!

Just in case you missed me tweeting and facebooking about it at the time (basically doing the usual rounds on the social media sites) The Wine Workshop was an evening Dominique hosted at her lovely home and UKAWP Members and Non-Members  were invited to come and learn all about matching wines to the wedding menu and also sneakily get to enjoy a few glasses of good vino ;-

It was a such a great evening! I think it definitely had the right balance of fun and education, which of course was more than helped by a glass or two..or three of some fine wine provided by Giles Smith Walker of ‘The Independent Vintner’ and a few plates of sumptuous canapes and nibbles prepared and cooked by Chef Dan (Dominique’s Husband)

But anyway, before I get lost in my own reverie, of how much fun I had stuffing my face with the wine and food..Oh the food, seriously MUCHO KUDO’S  to Chef Dan! he is definitely THE man! lol I’m sure all the ladies who attended the evening, would more than agree with me! lol Here’s some piccies of the night taken by the LOVELY Photographer Paula Broome  and as you can see it really was a fab evening!:




















Hope you enjoyed the photo’s?! Make sure you come back to check out next week’s ‘Supplier of the Week’ post, on a gem of a stationer ‘3 Egg Design’

Stay blessed and we’ll speak again soon