By Invitation Only!

Hello, a good afternoon to you all! and how are you? Have you (like me) been taken aback by the not-so-positive press coverage of our former  late prime minster Margaret Thatcher more commonly known as ‘The Iron Lady” I’m mean seriously…. WOOOWWW I’m in shock, the last time I saw  this level of celebration and jubilation over someones death, was in that scene in the ‘Wizard Of Oz’ when the house lands on the wicked witch! – in fact the video footage shown on the news looked uncannily similar! Just replace the Munchkins of Oz with the over-joyed residents of Brixton and Glasgow and their impromptu beer and (very oddly) milk drinking street party and you got a modern day ‘Wizard of Oz!’  crazy! I think the only thing I have left to say on the matter is R.I.P Miss Thatcher!

OK, swiftly moving onto less morbid and more bridal matters, I thought today I would talk to you about invites! choosing what design, colour or  type of paper/card you want to have for your wedding day, is actually quite important! Whenever we’re discussing invites with clients, Dominique often quotes a former bride’s father “You can tell  the quality of a wedding, by the quality of the invite!” and do you know, I think that’s right! now it doesn’t mean you have to go crazy and spend half of your budget on the invites, just so you can impress your friends or relatives; It’s possible to have affordable invitations that are quality and have that personal touch to you and your partner.

Now for me (being a lady of creativity) I love to see quirky or original invitations, that really show the Bride and Grooms personality and style, I mean when you think about it, the invites sets the tone for your wedding and gives your guests a sneak peak into what you have planned for your big day, which is always exciting! Aside from event day decor or glamourous bridal gowns, I love seeing beautifully designed invites, here are some really lovely designs that our previous clients have used:


My Fav is the vintage Art Deco inspired invitation for ‘The State of Grace” Launch Party (bottom left). Now this leads me very nicely onto this weeks ‘Supplier of The Week’ a company by the name of ‘3 Egg Design’ which owned and run by the lovely Kim! ‘3 Egg Design’ is a Boutique Brand based all the way in Sweden, specialising in printable wedding invitations and paper goods for the DIY bride!  Kim offers a range of designs to suit all brides and grooms, whether you’re looking for a vintage, modern or a fun theme for your big day! Also her designs are all available as printables so everyone can enjoy it! Kim gave me a few words about herself, the company and where she draws her inspirations from for her designs:

My Story:

“I have always been a creative person since I was a little girl. I went to design school, completed my diploma and bachelor degree in graphic design in Melbourne, Australia and have been working in the design industry for over 10 years now. I believe, knowing your design elements and principles first is very important before you can jump in and start ‘designing’. Over time, my style developed and I began to create my own brand which is soft and feminine, maybe that is because I am a girl…haha.. and perfect for the wedding industry.”

My Companies Philosophy:

“I have always gone with my gut feeling and try my best to have fun with my creations. Weddings today, isn’t what they use to be. I think many brides today want something fun, romantic but with with a touch of formal and tradition, which I try to offer my customers. I offer DIY printables only because I believe every bride should have access to beautiful invitations that delights them and yet still affordable. She also gets to have fun in the process by choosing her paper stock etc and make the invitation uniquely to her”

My Creativity:

“My inspiration comes from everything and everywhere, from my travels to personal experiences. Nature is my main core of inspiration. Especially since I am now based in Sweden, a country that is covered by more then 50% forest. Not to mention, vintage detailing and my love for typography”

Well as you can see the word ‘beautiful’ feels like a slight under-statement when describing Kim’s design skills or her lovely lovely invitations! have a peek and let me know which deisgn you like the most – my fav is the ‘retro comic strip’ inspired invites!





invite 6

For more information about Kim and her FAB invites head over to the ‘3 Egg Design’ shop.

Well I hope you enjoyed this weeks ‘Supplier Of The Week’ post? Stay tuned as we have some real goodies in store for you, including a look into the proffessional body for the wedding market the UKAWP (UK Alliance of Wedding Planners) and a Cheese Cake Supplier (I’m talking a cake literally made of cheeses by the way) ‘Churchmouse Cheeses’, but until then…

Stay blessed and we’ll speak again soon.


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